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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Blessings of Adult Children

I loved and immensely enjoyed every day with our children when they were little . When I see old photographs of them I passionately want to scoop them out of the picture and squeeze them to pieces. I miss their giggles. I miss braiding their hair. I miss the chatter around the dinner table and so many more things about their childhood.

I have traded those times for new ones. Different. Wonderful.

It's not all about teaching, training and guiding any more. Oh, I still get lots of questions about cooking, housekeeping, child rearing or other how-to stuff. But now when we talk I am the one listening, learning, in awe of the bright, caring adults they have become.

Frequently our conversations turn to spiritual or theological thoughts. And this is where I am overcome with delight. No, they haven't faced many of the hard places that each of us have to journey through. And they have not yet learned the lessons that each of those valleys teach. But because their hearts are stayed on Jesus and they seek to grow in the knowledge of their Savior, they have a measure of wisdom and faith that both encourages and up-lifts.

Now it is our kids showing a tender, caring heart toward us.
I was reminded that our children hurt when their parents hurt and they have deep concerns about our well being. Many times I have been encouraged by a book or song they recommended. (Ever listen to Don Moen's I Will Sing? I must have played it for weeks when my daughter first sent me the link.) On occasion we will get a note in the mail or in this case a six page letter. Not a letter filled with answers. Better. Reminders to look to the One who has given his promises to those who are his children.

Sometimes as we walk through a desert experience, it helps to have someone remind you of Truth. And when your kids remind you it is a tremendous blessing!

Lord You seem so far away
A million miles or more it feels today
And though I haven't lost my faith
I must confess right now
That it's hard for me to pray
But I don't know what to say
And I don't know where to start
But as You give the grace
With all that's in my heart

I will sing I will praise
Even in my darkest hour
Through the sorrow and the pain
I will sing I will praise
Lift my hands to honor You
Because Your Word is true
I will sing

Lord it's hard for me to see
All the thoughts and plans You have for me
But I will put my trust in You
Knowing that You died to set me free
But I don't know what to say
And I don't know where to start
But as You give grace
With all that's in my heart


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