With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: 10 Most Fun iPhone Games

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

10 Most Fun iPhone Games

When my brain is feeling fried and I want a break from lots of thinking, I have 10 favorite iPhone games I really like to play.
Sometimes by the afternoon I'll hit a wall of mental fatigue.  If I push through it I find I'm not as productive than if I take a break. Naps are nice but not always possible.
 So... I have some really entertaining games.
I don't spend huge amounts of time playing games and I am sure too much time could easily be wasted playing but I allow myself an occasional 15-45 minutes, usually before heading to bed or late afternoon, challenging myself with the various game objectives.

All of these games are free and I don't buy anything like extra coins or lives.

Most of these games were introduced to me by my grandkids so preteens enjoy them too.

WORD (above) shows four photos and you have to guess the common word. Some are easy and some take a little more thought.
 TOY BLAST is my current favorite.  At this level it is challenging but always fun.
2048 is easy to play yet requires strategy.  I love it! Numbers are doubled as they slide into each other in upward, downward or side moves. The goal is to double 8's to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 all the way to 2048. It took a while but I achieved 2048, even 4096 and almost doubled 4096 to 8192!  almost

1010 goal is to gather points by completing rows with various shaped pieces. This one is good when I haven't much concentration left. 
I love the BLOSSOM BLAST SAGA graphics. Beautiful as the buds grow and burst into big blooms.  It gets pretty hard!
When we subscribed to a daily newspaper my first stop was to the puzzle page for the crypotoquote or cryptogram. Now I solve these fun word puzzles on my iPhone.
FLOATY POP is another fun game but I am sad that it gets really hard quickly.
MONSTER BUSTERS is challenging yet doable and I haven't grown tired of playing.
Our Keri showed me PIANO TILES 2. You choose a musical piece and try to hit the notes as they scroll faster and faster. Sometimes this game frustrates me and best played when you are thinking quickly and your eye hand coordination is at peak.
A game that I don't play but one I totally recommend if you have younger children. It is cute with the adorable Peppa Pig and many activities to create pictures. When we have our Jethro and Chloe (ages 3 and 5) with us at church and they are getting antsy, this game keeps them happy and occupied for a good 10-20 minutes.

Do you play games on your phone?  Do you recommend any!


Ann Thompson said...

These look like fun. I had 2048 on my old phone and was really addicted to it for a while

Susan said...

Hi LDH. Nope, don't do games on my phone but I'm so happy you enjoy them. Loved your I TRUST HIM post. I truly do trust Him. Hope you are all better now and totally healed from your surgery. Hugs. Susan

NanaDiana said...

I only ever do AlphaBetty on my phone anymore. I have been stuck on Level 298 for about two weeks now....lol Hope you have fun playing! xo Diana

corners of my life said...

My app addiction is Magic Puzzles. An iPhone is a bit too small but an iPad is perfect. My favorite size is 143 pieces.


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