With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: How-to Faux Fur Pom Pom on Knitted Toque

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How-to Faux Fur Pom Pom on Knitted Toque

  I wanted to make my granddaughter a basic knit hat in white and trim it with a faux fur pom pom. I asked a friend and talented crocheter (Hooked by Amy) about a place to purchase pom poms. She gave me a suggestion and told me they aren't hard to make.
 After a little searching, I learned just how to make them.
It is a quick project and rather easy too.
 I bought a quarter yard of the faux fur at Hobby Lobby for $4.74 ($18.99 a yard).  I can get 5-6 large pom poms from the quarter yard.
 Draw a circle onto the back of the fur about 6.5-inches in diameter. 
Usually the finished pom pom size is about 2-inches smaller than the size of the circle but because the fur was long on my faux fur, the pom pom turned out pretty large.
 Thread a needle with a strong thread because you don't want it to break as you pull on it. Make sure it is long enough to stitch all the way around and then to stitch closed, plus sew on a pin. I used quilting thread.
Knot the end of your thread and begin a running stitch about 1/4-inch from edge.
 Continue around giving a little pull to begin pulling the edges in.
 Add enough fiberfill to give the pom pom shape.
 Pull the thread to close the circle, add a bit more fiberfill if needed.
 This is where an additional pair of hands helps especially on a pom pom this big. You want to completely stitch the hole closed while squeezing it all together.
 Because the faux fur is not washable, I made it detachable but sewing on a pin. When secure, knot and cut tread.
 Finished Pom Pom!
Attach the Pom Pom to the top of hat.

 Pretty cute. Keri loves it.

And here is the link to the pattern for the toque: Bernat Knit Family Toques


Amy said...

Thanks for the mention, it turned out great! :) Awesome idea to make it detachable too!!

Lynn said...

Very cool-I love it:@)

handmade by amalia said...

Looks very glamorous!

Adrienne said...

Great idea! I love it. I would have to be sure not to lay my fur pom-pom down because my little mini-Doxie would think it's a small animal and he would pounce and attack and then chew it up! Love the hat and your beautiful granddaughter is the perfect model.


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