With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Knitted Cowl

Monday, November 7, 2016

Knitted Cowl

 I can't seem to put down my knitting needles and made more knitted cowl/neck warmers!

They work up fast and are fun to make using the pattern from Jersey Shore Alpacas and a slightly modified pattern. For bulky yarn I cast on 64 and use no. 10 knitting needles.  For lighter yarn, I cast on 72 and use a no. 8 or 9 needle but you can use this as a guide for the yarn of your choose.
 If the yarn is a solid color, I usually add the checkered-pattern. I prefer to continue with just the stockinette stitch for variegated yarn but not always.
 I love the warm vibrant colors in this one.
I found this bamboo/cotton/acrylic yarn in a clearance bin for $2.15.  It is very soft!

Though the projects in this post are not made with alpaca yarn, the one I made and posted here was.  It is a most lovely yarn that was purchased at Jersey Shore Alpacas.
This beautiful note card is the work of Juan, an 18 year-old deaf man living at Efata Children's Home in Lima, Peru. Jersey Shore Alpacas offer his note cards as well as beautiful knitting from a group of ladies who are staff and friends of Efata Ministries. Efata maintains a Christian school and orphanage for deaf children, Prices reflect the fair trade arrangement Jersey Shore Alpacas has with Juan and these ladies

Knitted Cowl

Yarn: bulky yarn (worsted weight)

Size 10 needles or size recommended on yarn


Cast on 64 stitches. (72 if using thinner worsted weight yarn)
Rows 1-5: Knit entire row.
ROW 6: P across
ROW 7: K across
ROW 8: P across
ROW 9: K across
ROW 10: P across
ROW 11: K across
ROW 12: P across
ROW 13: K across
ROW 14: P across
ROW 15-18: K4, P4 across
ROW 19-22: P4, K4 across
ROW 23: K across
ROW 24: P across
ROW 25: K across
ROW 26: P across
ROW 27: K across
ROW 28: P across
ROW 29: K across
ROW 30: P across
ROW 31-34: Knit across
ROW 35: Bind off leaving a length of yarn and sew sides together.  Weave in loose ends.


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Ann said...

Love your cowls. Such pretty colors. I've never been able to get the hang of knitting for some reason.

Jedidja said...

I love your photos, the cowl is so nice. Thanks for the pattern.

Snap said...

I'm going to try your cowl pattern. I've been knitting shawls. A friend of mine asked if they would be ready by Christmas and I told her YES ... maybe not Christmas 2016, but for sure by 2017! Ha! I should have been smart like you and stuck with cowls! :) :)

Beca said...

Just lovely! I love all the different combinations.
xx Beca

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your photos and cowls are so pretty!

I love the note cards! =)

NanaDiana said...

That sure makes me wish I could knit, Lorraine. You do beautiful work and they are all just gorgeous! xo Diana

Adrienne said...

Your cowls are gorgeous! I always wish I was knitting but it seems other things take me away these days. You inspire me to get back to my knitting projects!

Summer said...

Beautiful cowls ♥


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