With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Knitted Bow Tie Pattern

Monday, November 28, 2016

Knitted Bow Tie Pattern

These little gents are looking dapper in their knitted red bow ties.
Getting photos of our two youngest grandsons was much harder than actually making the bow ties!

 Braden and Jethro both recently turned three and are best buddies.
 I'm sharing a slew of pics because I couldn't decide on my favorites and because it was a whole lot of work getting photos of the two of them.
They were both so excited about wearing their bow ties and I think they look pretty cute in them.
 Scroll down to the end of the post for the knitted bow tie pattern.


Knitted Toddler Bow Tie

Yarn: Stitch Studio by Nicole Studio Soiree medium weight (4) Color:Red Sparkle
Needle: #4

1/2-inch bias tape in matching color
Iron-on Velcro

Cast on 11
ROW 1: K
ROW 2: P
ROW 3: K
ROW 4: P
Repeat row 1-2 until piece measures 8-inches in length.
Bind off leaving a length of yarn; with wrong sides together, sew short edges. Knot and weave in ends.

Cast on 5 stitches
K a row, P a row repeating until piece measures 1.5 inches.
Bind off leaving a length of yarn. Pinch bow in the center and loop yarn around a couple of times.
Wrap the knot piece around the bow and secure. 
Knot and weave in ends. 

Cut bias tape to 14-inches. (you might want to adjust this length for the child you are making it for) Fold ends in 1/4-inch and stitch the length of the tape. This can be done on a sewing machine but I simple whipped stitched it with needle and thread.

Place the bow on a flat surface; Lay the bias tape on top of the bow; Wrap the knot piece around both the bow and the tape right in the center. (see bow to the right side of the below photo) Using a length of yarn or a needle and thread, sew the knot securely around the bow.

In my hurry making the second bow, I sewed the knot around the bow before adding the bias tape, so I sewed it on using a needle and thread. Both ways work so use your preference.

Using package directions, iron and secure the Velcro onto each end of the bias tape making sure you have the correct placement as the bow tie goes around the neck.
These bows are also perfect for girls hair accessories. Skip the bias tape and attach a clip to the back or add to a headband.
This little monkey was much more cooperative during the photo session although he looks just as impish as the boys.

The yarn for the bow tie pictured above was made from Bernat Baby Jacquards Light #3 weight Color: Cream with tan and blue flecks.


Ann said...

The boy tie is so cute but the two young models are delightful and made me smile.

Alice said...

Love it! Cute models, cute ties!!

Alice said...

Love it! Cute models, cute ties!

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...


Karen said...

What adorable little gentlemen. Three is such a fun age! They look very dapper and Christmas-y in their red bow ties.

M Pancoast said...

Thanks so much for posting this. The boys are adorable and so kind to each other! I am sending the instructions to everyone I know with a little one. Red bow ties for Christmas and green for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

Lynn said...

Absolutely adorable pics! Love the little bow ties too:@)

podso said...

So so cute ! Perfect for the holidays.

Sally Croft said...

Adorable grandsons����.
Adorable bow ties❤❤.

Adrienne said...

Cute tie but your two grandsons are absolutely adorable! Precious!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! Those two are the cutest. The bowties are adorable. And all your photos of them are just precious. So, so sweet!


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