With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Aquarium

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Aren't these Pacific Sea Nettles Jellyfish fascinating?
This was my favorite part of our visit to the Adventure Aquarium by the Camden NJ Waterfront. 

 Beautiful in design and graceful in motion.
I was mesmerized. 
 And, look at these little gems. Dazzling blue and pink-ish puffs speckled with glimmering dots. They almost seem animated.

 Clownfish and Blue Tang swimming near the anemone just like the world of Nemo and Dory.
 rich vivid hues of corral
a stingray in the big tank
 we touched sharks and walked through the Shark Tunnel.
Then Shaela and cousin Keri, along with PopPop John, crossed over a tank of 30 sharks on the longest, V-shaped rope suspension bridge in the world. Shaela was even able to take a video with her iPod as she crossed. I'd say she was pretty brave :)
Along with the scary, there were cute things to see as well. And, a lovely view of the Philadelphia skyline across the Delaware River.

 After our time in the aquarium, we got our packed lunch from the car and enjoyed the gentle breeze as we ate on a bench at the waterfront.
Looking all the way down the walkway the Battleship USS New Jersey can be seen.
 sweet cousins
 with PopPop
 a selfie with a Philly background
 at the gift shop
they bought friends necklaces
because cousins are life long friends


Ann said...

what a fun day. So many pretty fish and you're right those jellyfish are fascinating

LitlBits09 said...

I'm totally fascinated when I'm able to view these strange creatures of the deep. And ecen further down in the ocean (I know this was an aquarium for those who will say so)), there are even stranger (to us!) creatures - all of whom have a specific purpose in His creation!

His world - His Creations - never cease to amaze and mystify me!
When I see something "new" (that I've not seen before - or see very rarely), I cannot help but say, "Thank you, Lord for this magnificent planet you have given us - with so many things to make our world more beautiful!
Beautiful pictures! thank you for sharing!


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