With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Last day of London

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last day of London

Our last day in London and it was as perfect as all the others. High of 65 F and low of 49 F.
This photo was taken in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. We stepped inside for a peek and I was drawn to these steps.  Regal with just a hint of suspense, don't you think?

 A couple last shots of our home away from home
This photo shows just how a short the walk was from our hotel to the King's Cross and St. Pancras transit

 Impressive, maybe even a little foreboding 
 This luxury hotel in an ornate Gothic Revival-style building adjoins St Pancras international railway station.

just inside near the lobby
the lobby
 We crossed this intersection at least twice everyday and each time I admired the building.
John got great panoramic shots with his iPhone. Looking to the far bottom right, you can see King's Cross Station

 King's Cross Station - this is where we got our photo at Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter books.

 Inside St. Pancras Station 
Since our departure on the Eurostar was scheduled for very early the following day, we walked around to familiarize ourselves. 

Then to the Victoria Line to Green Park station followed by a walk to

We decided, to avoid the crowds at Buckingham Palace, we would wait for the Changing of the Guards as they reached St. James Palace. 

Up-close, uncrowded view of the pageantry. 
 To wrap up this awesome time in London are a few images that will remain with me.
I lost count of the times we got on and got off of trains, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, sometimes face-to-face gripping the pole and trying to maintain balance and hearing a friendly, English voice say,
"Mind the Gap".  
The transit map helped us tremendously and we referred to them frequently.
My phone app that counted down the days until this wonderful trip.
Then there are the escalators ~ the very tall and steep escalators that we frequented almost as often as the trains.
These photos were taken during off times as I couldn't possibly get a shot when it was packed with commuters. We learned to keep to the right as the left side is for people who walk/run/hurry up and down the escalators. 
I totally loved the hustle bustle of this wonderful city and every experience we had there!

I can't forget this very special photo!
Her Majesty the Queen
being so gracious as to pose briefly with me for a photo!
God Save the Queen!


Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't Cousin Liz so sweet and accommodating! LOL I LOVE your fabulous photos and it brought back great memories of our March trip. There is so much to love about London! SIGH. (ps. my post today is of Ely Cathedral from that same trip)

podso said...

More wonderful photos! Love the first one of the mysterious steps! Photographs are such wonderful helps to remember trips like you've been on. You will enjoy them again and again.

lindsey said...

London just loves to show off her beautiful self and Her Majesty is the best photo bomber ever! Im so glad you loved your stay here


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