With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Scotney Castle and Dear Friends

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scotney Castle and Dear Friends

Beauty can be found in places we visit and it can be found in friendship.
This is Scotney Castle located in Kent, England

While making plans to visit London, I wrote to my long-time blogging friend, Lindsey of Fine Linen and Purple, to see if we could possibly meet up.  She wrote back asking if we would prefer to meet in London or for them to drive us out into the countryside. With excitement we responded, "The countryside!" Lindsey sent some suggested places and we choose Scotney Castle.

The morning of the decided day, John and I walked to King's Cross station to board a train to Tunbridge Wells Station.  
Royal Tunbridge Wells is a large town in western Kent, England, about 40 miles south-east of central London by road, 34.5 miles by rail.
This dear lady was waiting right where we stepped out of the station!
I have come to love Lindsey's adorable grandchildren through her posts and am always inspired by the beautiful knitted, sewn and quilted creations she has made. But it is her kind, friendly manner that most warms my heart.

We walked to her car and after introductions, her husband, Ray, got into the wrong right side of the car and we began driving on the wrong left side of the road to our destination. ;)
 Walking the lovely grounds on such a perfect autumn day was made even more special with this dear couple.
At the top of the garden stands a house which was built to replace the Old Castle between 1835 and 1843. This is known as Scotney New Castle, or simply Scotney Castle, and was designed by Anthony Salvin. It is an early, example of Tudor Revival architectural style in 19th century Britain. Following the death of the resident, Elizabeth Hussey, in 2006, this house was opened to the public for the first time on June 6, 2007
 Scotney Castle is an English country house with formal gardens south-east of Lamberhurst in the valley of the River Bewl in Kent, England. It belongs to the National Trust.
 Stopping often for photos as everywhere held beautiful views.
We took photos of each other

 Shared an anniversary kiss at their suggestion
We marveled at the sights
We toured the house.
 The gardens, which are an example of the Picturesque style, are open to the public. The central feature is the ruins of a medieval, moated manor house, Scotney Old Castle, which is on an island on a small lake. The lake is surrounded by sloping, wooded gardens with rhododendrons, azaleas, kalmia and spectacular autumn colour.
 view from Scotney Castle toward the house at the top of the hill
I didn't think to get photos of our lovely lunch together at the courtyard cafe where we enjoyed soup, sandwiches and where I had a wonderful scone with clotted cream and jam.  But the best part was the heartfelt conversation sharing the joys of family and faith.
As if their sweet company wasn't enough, this kind couple gave us delightful gifts.
Lindsey knitted me a beautiful washcloth tied onto her delicious berry jam, a pottery bowl made by her talented husband, a tin of Welch tea along with a recipe booklet filled with Welch teatime recipes and a sweet hand carved lovespoon, a traditional Welsh craft that dates back to the seventeenth century. It was a perfect gift to remember our anniversary as well as our time together.

Blogging friends are very real friends, indeed.
Thank you, Lindsey and Ray, for sharing your time and yourselves!
We enjoyed every moment with you both!


Debby Ray said...

Oh Lorraine...what a joyful experience and awesome blessing this must have been for you to meet up with your blogging friend at this gorgeous place! Your photos are absolutely glorious!

Creations By Cindy said...

What wonderful pictures and I can sense your excitement of being with a blogging sister! I had this opportunity several years ago in the mountains of Tn. and it was a pure delight. Still is....Enjoyed reading some on your blog today. Was commenting on Corner of my life blog and decided to click on your blog based on the name of your blog and so glad I did. Happy Fall. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

podso said...

I see why this was your favorite day. What a beautiful place to meet your blog friend.

Susan said...

Very pretty and picturesque place! Susan

Adrienne said...

I love how you could meet your blogging friend. I've met several of mine and they've always become such sweet friends. Yes, blog friends are REAL friends. What a special day the four of you had. If I ever get to England I already have an invitation from a sweet blogging friend near London. We hope that can happen some day! In the meantime I'm enjoying your photos and your words that share the beauty of your trip.

lindsey said...

Life has been so hectic and I have only just got around to sitting and reading through your blog. That day was just perfect wasnt it Lorraine, we chatted, laughed, ate, walked and prayed together just like we meet up every week! Im so glad you chose Scotney as its the only National Trust property in Kent that we hadnt visited. Thank you for sharing your family and life with us.


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