With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Platform 9 3/4, English Tea, Greenwich and Royal Observatory

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Platform 9 3/4, English Tea, Greenwich and Royal Observatory

 A spectacular view from the Royal Observatory overlook located in Greenwich, England.

Platform 9 3/4 ~ if you are familiar with the Harry Potter books you'll recognize this as the fictional location for departure of the train to Hogwarts, selling magic artifacts and wizarding gear. Abbey is a big fan so we made sure to visit for a photo.
 Because of its popularity, the station has the area set aside where fans can snap a fun pic. 
Then, how can one visit London for the first time and not enjoy a Proper English Tea!
 Next, we head to Tower Pier to board a boat for the Themes River Cruise.
Tower Bridge ahead
 passing under the Tower Bridge
view of Greenwich and the Cutty Sark 
Off the cruise boat, we walked to the Naval College, the Maritime Museum and past the Cutty Sark.
 It was a hike up a tall hill and then lots of steps to reach...
the Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation, and is best known as the location of the prime meridian. The observatory is situated on a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking the River Thames.

The observatory was commissioned in 1675 by King Charles II, with the foundation stone being laid on 10 August. The site was chosen by Sir Christopher Wren. At that time the king also created the position of Astronomer Royal, to serve as the director of the observatory and to "apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying of the tables of the motions of the heavens, and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting of the art of navigation." He appointed John Flamsteed as the first AR. The building was completed in the summer of 1676. The building was often called "Flamsteed House", in reference to its first occupant. source
and this gorgeous view
 We waited our turn
to stand on the Prime Meridian Line to have a foot in both hemispheres


The prime meridian and the International Date Line create a circle that divides the Earth into the eastern and western hemispheres. This is similar to the way the Equator serves as the 0 latitude line and divides the Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres. 

The eastern hemisphere is east of the prime meridian and west of the International Date Line. Most of Earths landmasses, including all of Asia and Australia, and most of Africa, are part of the eastern hemisphere. 

The western hemisphere is west of the prime meridian and east of the International Date Line. The Americas, the western part of the British Isles (including Ireland and Wales), and the northwestern part of Africa are landmasses in the western hemisphere. source
 From Greenwich we headed back to the cruise boat, this time disembarking at Westminster Pier.
Dusk turned to night and the evening became chilly.
 John took this panoramic view
 the Parliament Building in golden illumination
Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and often extended to refer to the clock and the clock tower. The tower is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower, renamed as such to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. The tower holds the second largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. The tower was completed in 1858.
Back in our hotel room, we watched an episode of Downton Abbey that our friends back home will have to wait until January to see.

So excited to share our next day...
the most special day of our trip!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I just got caught up on your wonderful anniversary trip to England! What a great trip it must have been. Loved seeing all the places you visited.

Gypsy Heart said...

Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing the information. Some I had forgotten! :) Love European architecture ~


podso said...

I've continued to enjoy the posts on your wonderful trip!

nancycreative.com said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time–thanks for sharing all your great photos!

lindsey said...

Your photos are fantastic! We used to live near Greenwich and so I really enjoyed seeing your views from there. Im pretty sure I would have enjoyed that English Tea too :) Looking forward to seeing more of your trip, might even recognise one or two people ;)

Susan said...

That gorgeous photo looks like a picture postcard, LDH. So happy you got to see so much! Susan


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