With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: ladders and painting

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ladders and painting

I like this quote. I think there is some wisdom in these words. What I do not like is heights.
But when I got an estimate for a painting job that was higher (ha, that could be a pun) than I was willing to pay, I looked for alternatives.

Even with annual repair, patching and painting, our patio was showing its age and the toll twenty years had taken. It was time for an overhaul.

John and I designed the patio and even set to work building it.  We laid the foundation and poured the concrete flooring. Then we realized this projects was a bit bigger than our DIY skills so we had a friend in construction that saw our dream and with his expert abilities, completed the project.
 Twenty years of hot, hot summers and freezing cold winters left the patio in disrepair. We were so happy the original builder was able to to come again and do the job. All of the wood columns were replaced with vinyl as well as new lattice.
 Some of the wood trim at the top needed replacing too. The roof was replaced when we did the whole house a few years ago.
We have some freebie cleome that somehow seeded in this area that added color as this project continued all summer.

You may remember the hard work it took John and Jared to remove the hedge of boxwood that surrounded the patio.

(2010 photo of boxwood hedge)
  We loved the hedge and the privacy it provided but they succumbed to boxwood miner and had grown taller than we wanted. 

With all of the repairs complete, it was time to paint. I have painted this patio several times in the past using makeshift scaffolding but I am not doing that again. Then I thought of renting scaffolding with a platform thinking I would feel secure if I could hold on to a railing. 

What I did not realize is that when the scaffolding is in the highest position, there is nothing to hold on to. My dear husband bought some wood and built a simple railing around three sides giving me a secure place to hold on to. 
 I still felt really shaky getting up and down and never let go of the railing, but I managed to proceed.
And, yes I did get the paint off my glasses but think I will have strands of sky blue in my hair for a very long time!  
Four days and three coats of paint got rather tiring. Jared came to my rescue and we worked together one day until a bee became a nuisance and ended his painting career. After he and Raiders encounter with bees several years ago, Jared is understandably, a bit wary. 
 Now the ceiling is all finished. Doesn't it look bright and clean!
 All the areas on the underside are complete. We purchased a ceiling fan and hope to have electric line run and installation in the near future.  
The scaffolding is gone and we just have the outside edge to paint and some chipped bricks to repair.

Now, I have to decide what to plant where the boxwood were growing.
Low-growing bushes to form a hedge like we had?
The area receives just a little late afternoon sun and our zone is 6B.

What do you think?


Sharon - creativity and family said...

It looks amazing! x

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It does look very nice. Not sure I would have stuck with it over several days. Painting is hard work.

Phyllis Wallin said...

Good for you. I get so queasy on about the 3rd or 4th rung of a ladder. What a good feeling to have it done and it looks absolutely wonderful.

Debby Ray said...

Ahhh...home improvements...don't you just love 'em? Your patio is just gorgeous and the newly painted ceiling looks so fresh and clean. That had to have been a neck-breaking job! We are in the midst of having a front porch built and I am beyond excited to use it...hopefully while the weather is nice enough. Have a great Wednesday, Lorraine :)

Kristina said...

Looks wonderful. I have not done much planting around the back patio, but I have perennials planted around my front porch, along with annuals in which I save the seeds each year. I love to see the flowers when I sitting on the porch.

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your Patio is so pretty! I love the colors and all the pretty flowers!
You did a wonderful job.

Ann said...

I know next to nothing about planting so I'm no help at all there but I can say your patio looks terrific

Lorrie said...

All your hard work resulted in a lovely finish. The colour is wonderful!

Sandi said...

We have always done all the projects around our house ourselves and at our age it is getting old. Lol. Your place looks beautiful!! Love the pics with you in them!! :)

Preeti said...

Your place is looking very beautiful!! :) That's a lot of hardwork you did to make it lovely. Great job!!

Susan said...

What do I think, LDH? I think you are a VERY BRAVE woman. It looks fabulous. WOWSERS. That looks high, too. You are a MUCH braver woman than I! Susan

Maggie Ann said...

I think your porch roof is beautiful! I rememberd how special it was from a previous post. Good for you getting up so high and doing a fantastic job. Your neighbors are probably wishing they had one just like it!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

It's beautiful, Lorraine, and you're much braver than I would be, climbing to the ceiling, even with handrails. Not to mention, my neck would have been in some kind of pain. I hope you didn't feel too much of it afterwards. It looks great!

Adrienne said...

I LOVE your porch and the paint job makes it even more special. I want to add a roof over our patio and make it a special place to relax. That's low on the list of projects right now - there are things that need to be done soon.


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