With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: A Soaring Birthday Adventure

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Soaring Birthday Adventure

 Our firstborn just celebrated her birthday.
Never one to do anything in a small way, Erin thought jumping from an airplane would be a great way to celebrate. And so she did.
I won't be jumping out of a plane any time soon so these photos are as close as I get to this  exhilarating experience. Thought you'd enjoy them too.
 all photos were taken by the Skydive East Coast instructor that jumped with her.

(info from their site)
Tandem skydiving is the most widely used method to introduce first-time jumpers to the sport. You will be paired with a licensed tandem instructor who will join you on the jump and provide you with all the training you need to safely make a tandem skydive.

Tandem Instructors cover airplane procedures, what to expect in freefall and how to prepare for a safe landing.

On the way to altitude, you’ll have the chance to sit back and enjoy incredible views of the New Jersey coast and Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day, the Atlantic City skyline and Cape May County peninsula are visible to the south, while Long Beach Island and Seaside stretch up the coast to the north.
 As the time to jump nears, your tandem instructor will securely attach your harness to the parachute system in preparation for the door opening.
 With your adrenaline pumping, your instructor will guide you to the door for the moment of truth. Words can’t adequately describe that first moment after jumping from a plane for the first time as you accelerate to 120 mph.

 The intensity of the freefall is matched only by the peaceful bliss of the parachute opening and a roughly five minute canopy flight back to the airport.

back on the ground
until her next adventure.....


CatTales said...

Wow! I cannot imagine being brave enough for this! What a memorable birthday. She looks gorgeous and very peaceful flying through the air!

Ann said...

Oh she's a brave one. That's certainly an exciting way to celebrate a birthday. It looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Good for her :)

marie said...

Happy Birthday to Erin...she definitely celebrated in style!!

podso said...

You raised a brave girl! I loved seeing the expressions on her face. What I wonder is are all the photos selfies taken by the instructor? I would think the camera would go flying but maybe it is attached.

Jennifer Schmitz said...

OMG that was amazing and courageous! Awesome pics too! Glad it was a memorable birthday!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

She is so brave!
The pictures are great!

It looks like she had a wonderful time on her birthday!

Preeti said...

Wow!! That was indeed an adventurous Birthday !! Happy Birthday to your daughter:)

Kristina said...

Ha ha! Fun! My brother and my Uncle have done that.

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Oh, gosh! how thrilling. This is something that I have never ever wanted to do, but a hot air balloon ride sounds just fine to me.

LitlBits09 said...

oh! something I'd LOVE to do!
Given physical limitations at this time, don't think I can - and I am so jealous! But so HAPPY for you!
That looks just awesome! and your play by play here made it real....I could almost feel the adrenaline and that sense of wonder as you plummeted through the sky!

Debbie Huffaker said...

She's beautiful....and so brave. I'm way too fearful to ever do anything like that...wow!!! HOPE she had an awesome birthday!

Sharon - creativity and family said...

Wow, it sounds and looks amazing! x


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