With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Washington DC Moonlight Trolley Tour

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Washington DC Moonlight Trolley Tour

The last evening of our Washington, DC visit, we took a Moonlight Trolley Tour that covered much of the city, from the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, War World II Memorial to the National Archives, National Museum of Natural History, The White House, Union Station, The Library of Congress and the U.S. Capitol.
The above photo of the Washington Monument was taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

 Our 2 1/5-hour trolley tour was for 7:30pm. It was still light out when it began a little early at 7:15 so it was more of a sunset tour. In the bottom left photo of the photo collage below, you can see the beautiful sunset as we were about to leave the Lincoln Memorial.  
Here is just a selection of places we passed. The tour made three stops so passengers could get off to see up-close. We had already walked a whole lot for two days and visited these stops on our own so we sat back and enjoyed the lovely night air and rested as we munched the rest of our lunchtime sandwich. The only stop we disembarked was to visit the Lincoln Memorial that was more busy than any other time we have been there.

Tomorrow I will share the reason we went to Washington, DC.
hope you will stop back 


Nonnie said...

We took the moonlight tour also. One of the most haunting things to me was the soldiers statues in the darkness. My heart hurts for those brave young men and women.

Terra said...

A beautiful place.

Doris said...

Sounds amazing! Been to DC many times but never took a Trolley Moonlight tour.


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