With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Family Roundup

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Family Roundup

Finally getting around to family photos and recapping the past few months.
LOTS of pics :) 

  Abbey is an online student, studying 3-D Animation at a University located in San Francisco. Each summer the school has a week-long expo especially for online students. Her first time attending, she was able to take a guest, so our oldest tagged along with her baby sister for a thirteen day adventure clear across the country.
 These are photos they sent back to us including the view from the plane, the Redwood forest. the Golden Gate Bridge and the dorm room they stayed in.
 They walked many miles each day, up and down steep hills, enjoying the beautiful California sights.
 Abbey was beyond excited that she was picked to visit the Pixar Animation Studio!
 More photos of their adventures
Then there was our end-of-year Community Group Bible Study Dinner
 A delightful day spent with John's college friends enjoying a wine tasting, a visit to Princeton and and evening meal at a nearby brewery.
 A quiet evening celebrating Jared's 18th birthday.  Wowzer... 18!
 Precious Father/Daughter time as Jamie took her dad chip and putting for father's day.
Both lefties (and should I mention, competitive) had a wonderful time together.
 random pics... little girls with painter hats, neighbors of 30 years move away, special project with a friend, snapshots of life moments.
 Our New York grandson, Ryan graduated from elementary school and is heading to middle school in the fall.
 a few pics of these NY kids Jill sent in texts for us to see.
~ Ryan ~ Brenna ~ Shaela ~
We had a terrible, damaging storm that left almost every road into our community impassible. After the storm there was a most unusual and eerie orange glow. Thankfully we did not have trees down (just branches) or power loss. In our community all wires are underground and we rarely have problems.

 Even with yearly painting and repair, our 20 year-old patio is in need of major renovations that are too large a project for us. So we have someone doing the work and should have it completed in a couple more weekends. All of the wooden columns have been replace with vinyl ones. I have always painted the ceiling but as I become less comfortable with heights, we called someone in for an estimate. Well, with a quote of $1100 just for the ceiling and not including the white trim above and around the lattice (which is being replaced), I will be painting it myself once again. This time we are planning to rent scaffolding that I think will make me feel secure. 
 Forth of July was spent in a very All-American, small town kind of way. We were invited to a friends home to share a meal and sit on lawn chairs and watch a town's parade go by. Kids played and Keri twisted her bendable body in unbelievable ways!
Oh, Keri, this just doesn't look right!  :)
Even the littlest ones aren't so little any more. Here Jet is full of giggles as PopPop gives him lots of tickles.

aww... so sweet to take a moment and reflect on my many blessings.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Loved looking at all the pics of your sweet family....you truly are blessed. Your girls are beautiful....like their Momma! Happy SONday!!!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Such wonderful photos! I enjoyed looking at them.
Your family is lovely!

Lea said...

What a fun post with such beautiful pictures of your sweet family. Now, be careful on that scaffolding. Happy new week!

Sharon - creativity and family said...

So many happy faces :-) A lovely glimpse of your family life and celebrations. x

podso said...

Wonderful photos of your family and good times! It sounds like you are the painter in the family as I am. Heights are bothering me more too. :-) But we press forward!

Cheryl said...

A busy month, but full of blessing!! I loved seeing all of your family shots...happy, loving faces, celebrating good things. What a relief that you weathered the storms with minimal damage. Such things show us how little control we really have over anything...and how much we are always depending on His mercy!

(Have I really been reading your blog that long...long enough for Jared to be 18?!!)


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