With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Desk or Vanity Crocheted Covers for Jars and Cans

Friday, March 13, 2015

Desk or Vanity Crocheted Covers for Jars and Cans

~Sweetly Organized~
Corral cosmetics, art or craft supplies by crocheting cozy can covers to make work space both attractive and convenient. Several containers, in various sizes, gathered together on a wooden tray is a useful and pretty gift-giving idea!

I shared how to crochet can and jar cozies before and find they are nice for lots of places in the house. You can find wooden trays in different sizes at a craft store.  Paint in a complimentary color to the yarn you are using. Some food products come in cans with a white interior that looks nice, but any can (or jar) will work.

This is what I did to make a cozy to cover a small 8-oz can.

Using a G hook and 4-ply yarn or cotton

ch 4, slip st into 1st ch for form ring; ch 2 (top left & center photo)

Row 1: work 12 hdc (sometimes I work 10) in ring; join with a sl st in top of ch 2 of previous row. (top right photo)

Row 2: ch 2; 2 dc in each hdc around for 24 dc's. Join with a sl st in top of ch 2 of previous row (middle left photo)

Row 3: check your circle on the bottom of your container. If you just have a little more to make the circle the same size of the bottom of container, Ch 1. If you need a bit more, ch 2 and change sc's to hdc or dc. I used sc's.

{2 sc in next dc; 1 sc in next} repeat around for total of 36 sc. (center photo)

If your are making a cozy for a larger can, add additional rows increasing as follows:
1st additional row:
{2 sc in next dc; 1 sc in next 2} repeat around (48)
2nd additional row:
{2 sc in next dc; 1 sc in next 3} repeat around (60)
Follow this pattern until correct size for your can

Row 4: join with a sl st. Working in back loops, just for this row, sc in each sc around. Join w sl st. (bottom row photos)

Row 5 and following: working through both loops, sc in each sc around, joining with a sl st at end and chaining 1. (see photos below)

Repeat row 5 until 1 row short of top of container, changing color(s) if desired. (bottom left photo)

Last row: switch to 1 size smaller hook and repeat row 5. end off

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Disneypal said...

Very nice !!

Kristina said...


podso said...

They look so nice! A lovely gift.

Susan said...

So creative, LDH! You are multi-talented. Susan

Beca said...

Good idea! They pretty up the space nicely!
xx Beca

Bev said...


Ann Thompson said...

Those look really nice. I have one of those wood trays that's been waiting to be painted. Now I'll have to crochet some of these covers and paint that tray

Lorrie said...

What a great way to use up yarn, make something pretty AND get organized. It's win win win.

CatTales said...

I love this.

Tracy Fisk said...

Love them...they're beautiful! Getting ready to make the whole set right now...I'm pretty excited! Tyvm for sharing! ;0)


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