With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Vintage French Provincial Bedroom Set

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vintage French Provincial Bedroom Set

My sister, Carol, just went to closing on a house she sold.
I lent a hand helping her pack.
We began in mid-November and through sorting and wrapping, taping and stacking, hauling and heaving, lugging and loading, stooping and stretching, sunshine and raindrops, lost keys and cell phones and frustrating inspections, there was much chatting and memories, stories and updates, giggles and laughter and sisterly love.

This vintage French Provincial bedroom set belong to our parents, purchased in the early 1960's.  It went to Carol when Mommy passed several years ago and I got the new set mommy was then using.
 Carol doesn't want to take this to her next home and though I wasn't in need of a bedroom set, the sentimental value was too great to pass it up and now resides in our guest room.
 The chest on chest belonged to Daddy and how I remember, as a kid, snooping through his top drawer and seeing his neatly folded hankies, perfectly placed wallet, coins, keys, pens, deck of cards and trinkets stored there. 
I left the white iron bed that we had purchased and used until we received mommy's new set. It is a queen-size and better suited for visitors than the full bed that is part of the set. I think it works with the other pieces.

Searching old photo albums for shots with the furniture in the background, I found these:
My 8th grade graduation
Cousin, Karen and I as flower girl and junior bridesmaid for Carol's wedding
Daddy and his first grandchild, Chrissy (Carol's oldest) at his organ
Carol ready for her senior prom
Carol, John and I looking a wee weary, took a selfie after a long, busy day, with only the steps to sit upon. Still happy together
(John may have been a just a tad grumpy being forced in a silly selfie photo, but he was a good sport)
and still finding fun in being together.
yes, sisters.  she is so kind, smart, poised, beautiful and generous and I love her to pieces
Next time, I will show you where I put the bed to this set and then my dining room changes.
ta-ta for now!


Lorrie said...

The graceful lines of French Provincial furniture are so beautiful. Your pieces hold so many lovely memories.

Heather said...

Wow what a beautiful heirloom. ~some things you can't pass up ~Love Heather

Debby Ray said...

Very lovely, Lorraine...I could not have parted with that beautiful set either...and the sentimental memories those pieces hold make them so very precious!. your guest room looks so comfy and inviting! Love the old pics too!

Janette Wright said...

This is a priceless post and I love the pictures and I love the bedroom set. How wonderful to have pictures that shows it when you were young. Enjoy it at your home and all the memories.

Primroses Attic said...

Love the pics.Sweet memories.

Ann Thompson said...

That a beautiful set.

podso said...

So pretty Lorraine. Your dad's top dresser drawer sounds just like my dad's. I guess we all snooped.

Cheryl said...

I am glad that you were able to make a home for these loved pieces. Now you'll make new memories with them for your loved ones. Then maybe some day one of your daughters or a grandchild will have these newer memories and the furniture will be loved by another generation.

Debbie said...

Loved this whole post...the furniture is just beautiful and the sentimental value is priceless. So glad you found a good spot for it. I love that you found pictures of it from when you were growing up. How neat is that? I am sure there are many more memories to be made. Enjoy!

Susan said...

Oh, LDH. That's a gorgeous set. Just lovely. And it has such beautiful memories. I'm glad you have it now.

I have my Mother's bedroom set, too, and love it.

Take care. Susan

Lea said...

My parents had a bedroom suite almost identical to that. My Mom "antiqued" it after it was many years old and put it in my bedroom. No telling where that suite is now.:o)

I have the one and only bedroom suite that my Dad made out of solid walnut. A 4 poster bed, side steps and two night stands. A perfectly beautiful set and I am so thrilled that it is mine.

Happy rest of the week!

Melissa Bo said...

Your parents bedroom set is lovely and I enjoyed the photos that you shared of your family.
Such special memories!

marie said...

Beautiful treasures from the past...even better though, are the beautiful memories they stir in your
You have a beautiful home Lorraine.

Dayle said...

Oh, the memories. How sweet to share this time together and to still have this beautiful furniture.

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! And the memories are the best part of having this beautiful set. I love the way you've put your guestroom together. It is so restful and cozy.

Maryann said...

I love seeing how you have it now with photos from your childhood. Wonderful memories, I'm glad you decided to find a *home* for the set in your home, I think it works wonderfully with the white iron bed

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can't imagine John being a "tad bit grumpy for a selfie". Made me smile. This post is so much fun to see! I love that you have pictures including this furniture, and the pretty girls who grew up with it. I liked the privilege of stepping into your past for a few minutes. And, I can't wait see what you do with your dining room.


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