With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Cranberry Gravy

Friday, January 30, 2015

Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Cranberry Gravy

Easy enough for every day ~ Nice enough for company!
And perfect for families like mine that like only white meat.

I have been sharing this recipe with new brides for many years because it is one of my favorite meals. Whether you are a working lady, stay-at-home mom or just have a busy day planned, the convenience of using the slow-cooker and having a delicious meal ready come suppertime is super nice.
Crock Pot Turkey Breast with Cranberry Gravy


1 5-7 lb. bone-in turkey breast, thawed
15-oz can cranberry sauce
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
2 Tbs. yellow mustard

1/4 cup orange juice
3 Tbs. cornstarch

Remove most of the skin.  This will make better gravy without all that extra fat. Place turkey breast in crock pot. (I had to cut this turkey breast in half because it was too large to fit into my crock pot)

Whisk together the cranberry sauce, onion soup packet and mustard; pour over turkey breast.

Cover and cook on low 5-7 hours or until thermometer inserted in thickest part reads 170 degrees.

Remove turkey breast to a serving plate/cutting board and allow to rest while preparing the gravy. Turn crock pot to high.

Stir together the orange juice and cornstarch. Whisk into the juices in the crock pot. Cover and continue to cook 5-10 minutes until thickened.

If you prefer, when turkey is finished cooking, remove and carefully strain the juices from the crock pot into a saucepan,  Heat to boiling; stir in the orange juice and cornstarch slurry and cook 2-3 minutes until thickened.


Susan said...

Hello LDH...That sounds DELICIOUS and I'm putting it into my recipe file for sure. Thanks. Susan

Lee Ann L. said...

I got to check out everything; but, I believe this can be gluten free too! (I get GF onion soup mix on Amazon). I'm excited to try this out!

Sally Croft said...

Looks delish, hope to cook it next week.
How many would it serve?

Sue said...

This sounds and looks so delicious, I am using my crock pot more and more this year and have found some great recipes, thanks for sharing, Hope you are having a wonderful New Year.

EMMA said...

I've been the proud owner of a crock pot for one week now - why did i never buy one before!!
I'm on the look out for recipes and this one sounds great (and easy!), just a question - did you make up the onion soup with water or just use the powder in the cranberry sauce?
We can't get tins of cranberry sauce here either but I can get lingonberry jam at IKEA which I think will make a good substitute.

Suzanne said...

Oh yummy-I was looking for a recipe for the crock pot on our home school co-op day. Looks delicious and easy:-)

Lynn said...

This sounds great and I'll bet the house smells amazing! Now I'm craving turkey:@)


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