With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Cousins Camp ~ Part 4 Wrap Up

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cousins Camp ~ Part 4 Wrap Up

~ DAY 5 ~
After a full and exciting day at the water park, we spent Thursday at a relaxed pace. Ryan stayed over Aunt Jamie's to be with the boys and Keri stayed here with the girls.

They played, danced, sang, drew pictures and wrote notes to our sweet Compassion child, Rolineda from Haiti. (we had just received an updated photo)
Even though there were beds for each girl, we found them together, snuggled and sleeping upside down :)
That evening, Aunt Abbey stayed with the girls so John and I could join Erin and AJ in a taste testing at the venue they picked for their wedding. What regal treatment we received! Plate after plate of amazing dishes were set before us. We strolled around the many rooms and areas and lingered at the outside courtyard with a wonderful fireplace and lights strung overhead.  The evening was perfect!  

~ DAY 6 ~
Our last full day together was filled with giggling, chatting and eating, after preparing a meal together

~ DAY 7 ~
Aunt Jamie and Uncle Josh packed up all the kids into their huge van and made the drive to New York to spend the weekend there.
So, that wraps up Cousins Camp 2014!
~We are rich with priceless Grand children~


Adrienne said...

What a blessing those days were - for you and for your grandkids. They will never forget Cousin Camp!

Ann said...

What a fun week you had. I bet it was way too quiet once they were all gone

corners of my life said...

Such lucky kids to have you as their grandparents. They will have these memories forever. The picture on the front steps is priceless.

Lynn said...

What a gift the Lord gives in our grandchildren! The smiling faces of all 10 on the porch steps just fills my heart with joy. Cousin camp is a great idea. Continued blessings on your beautiful family.

Just a little something from Judy said...

You are rich with priceless grandchildren, but they are rich too, with wonderful grandparents who invest time and love into each of their lives. So many smiles on their faces. I love that!

lindsey said...

such a blessing for them all to be able to get together. Looks like you all had a great time!


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