With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: St. Patrick's Day Frozen Minty Mousse Pie & Giveaway

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Frozen Minty Mousse Pie & Giveaway

(Sunday update:  receiving lots of comments on this post and will publish them all after the giveaway!)
 It's that time of year when green becomes the most popular color and little Leprechauns get excited about the annual St. Patrick's Day Crawl happening at Cuisine Kathleen.
 A pot of gold overflows with ivy on a table with your choice of a brisk cup of Irish Breakfast tea or a pot of Irish coffee
and served with a frosty pie filled with minty chocolate mousse and ice cream.
hidden amongst  the shamrocks, a whimsical, little Leprechaun has been up to some mischief 
this wee hooligan is caught poking his finger into his favorite pie
 glittering babbles are a sure sign you have one of these fairy creatures in your midst
so, for this one day in March, don your green fedora and join in his shenanigans   
grab your shillelagh as you  partake of his company
 and look closely
 did you see it?
somewhere in these tablescape photos is a four-leaf clover
(given to us for our 10th wedding anniversary by neighbors Peggy & John in 1985)

search really, really carefully
and, when you find it
leave a comment telling me where it is hiding.
(an impish fellow enabled comment moderation until March 18th)
Tis true, I will draw a name from the comments and send this pretty, creamy white, 5-cup teapot to one
In honor of my mom who loved having a St. Patrick's Day birthday
~open to all~
with regular house addresses (no PO box)

If you'd like to be entered in this giveaway

1 leave a comment telling me where the 4-leaf clover is hiding and how you follow
With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart blog

2 (optional) for two additional entries, share this post on your blog, Facebook or Google+ page and let me know you did in another comment.
Have your comments sent by the end of this grand day of March 17th, 2014.
Now go back and find that lucky four-leaf clover!

Frozen Minty Mousse Pie
source: Andies Cream de Menthe baking chips package

2 cups vanilla ice cream, softened
2 cups Andes mint baking chips, divided
1 (9 inch) chocolate graham wafer pie crust
1 1/2 cups whipping cream, divided
2 egg yolks


Stir 1/2 cup of Andes mint baking chips into softened ice cream.

Spread the ice cream mixture onto the bottom of crust; freeze.

Melt remaining Andes baking chips with 1/2 cup whipping cream in a saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly.

Remove mixture from heat; stir in the egg yolks.

Continue heating over medium-low heat for 3-5 minutes or until the mixture begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Do not allow it to boil.

Cool to room temperature.

Whip the remaining 1 cup of whipping cream until stiff peaks form; fold into the baking chips mixture.

Spread over ice cream in the pie crust.

Freeze 4 hours, or overnight.

Top with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles, if desired

Allow the pie to stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before cutting.
Makes 6 servings


Ann said...

What a fun post and of course I had to try and find the 4 leaf clover. I think I see it in the 8th picture down laying on the linen with the crocheted edging.
That pie looks so delicious.

Shelia said...

Well, your table is absolutely gorgeous! But you're a sneaky little thing for I don't see that 4 leafed clover anywhere. Everything really is beautiful! I see you're a .com.
Be a sweetie,

Barbara F. said...

what gorgeous St. Paddy's decor, Lorraine! i do believe I spy a 4 leaf clove resting on the lovely napkin, with the beautiful crocheted edging, next to the silver pot. xo! P.S. meant to type clover! Funny, I too, will be having a giveaway for my 3rd blogaversary, and the star is......a white teapot!

Bonnie said...

I am drooling over the minty mousse pie. Looks delicious and hard to resist. I could go for that cup of Irish coffee too.
Your Irish buffet is pretty. I can't see the four leaf clover! I'll keep looking.

thepaintedapron.com said...

You had me a minty mousse pie! Everything looks lovely!

Bonnie said...

I am a new follower of google friend connect. Still looking for four leaf clover.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I can't believe I'm first! First of all, I love all of your wonderful Irish and green photos. Your beautiful ivy and white dishes are lovely. Second, the minty pie sounds so delicious. My SIL won't eat dessert for he will if it has chocolate and mint! Win Win. Third, I spy a four-leaf clover to the left of your pretty green fedora :)

Barbara F. said...

I shared on Google +.

Barbara F. said...

Lorraine, I forgot to state how I follow you! On GFC and Facebook

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Mmmm the dessert looks so good! Your presentation on the buffet looks marvelous! That's an adorable leprechaun even if he did steal some pie! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tea in Texas said...

What a wonderful blog and a contest too, wow! Four leaf clover is on napkin under green vine to the left of the white teapot. Come visit,

Tea in Texas said...

What a wonderful blog and a contest too, wow! Four leaf clover is on napkin under green vine to the left of the white teapot. Come visit,

Erin Speer said...

This may be the cutest table I have ever seen. So sweet! The four leave clover is hidden on the white table scarf under the ivy (in the 8th picture down).

Thank you for sharing a little of your Irish charm.


Erin Speer said...

This may be my second comment(didn't mean too).
I follow your blog on Feedly. I so enjoy your posts - mostly your inspiration.

This may be the cutest table I have ever seen. Sew cute and very Irish.
The four leaf clover is in the 8th picture on the table scarf by the ivy. I have to admit - I was a little excited to find it! I have never found a four leaf clover in my life.

Such a cute idea - and a wonderful tribute to your Mother.

Thanks for sharing a little of your Irish charm.

Erin (yes this is my real name - not an Irish joke).

kitty said...

Hi Lorraine,
Oh, what fun! Just when I was about to give up, I found the four leaf clover!!!! It's in the photo with the teapot, lying on the pretty white cloth with the green crocheted edging. Did you crochet the edge??
Your pie looks spectacular, by the way. Everything you make has a special touch.
I follow you with Google Friends Connect. Thank you for the opportunity to win the pretty teapot.
Happy 🍀 Day!!

bj said...

I believe the 4 leaf clover is in the 8th pic from the top...and I am just about to have a real hissy fit for this amazing teapot. I would dearly love to own this. Thank you for giving me a chance. :)
I am a follower.

bj said...

I'll put your giveaway on my sidebar.

Sarah said...

I spy it just to the left of that pretty teapot, sitting there on the gorgeous linen with the green crochet work. I'd be thrilled to be the winner of this lovely tea pot. Love the shape!
Happy St. Pat's Day!

Adrienne said...

I see the four-leaf closer by the cup and saucer near the teapot! Such a fun setting - and a yummy-sounding dessert delight!

esrieker said...

I spy a green four leaf clover by the green edging on the napkin!

Kelly said...

the four leaf clover is on the photo under this caption...grab your shillelagh as you partake of his company...on the pretty white and green table napkin.

tablescapesbybev said...

Beautiful tea setting...that pie looks great. Lovely teapot!

Kelly said...

Oh sorry I forgot to add how I follow your blog...actually I don't know lol I simply have your blog on my bookmarks and look at it daily.

Kelly said...

Oh sorry...I didn't answer the question of how do I follow your blog...well I don't know lol All I do know is that your blog is part of my bookmarks and having been following for a long time. I probably found it while looking at recipes. Anyway, I loveeeeee your blog! and I read it daily.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning ~ What a pretty post and that pie looks so scrumptious.

Photo number 8 on the cloth with green and white crocheted edging.

What a lovely gift for whoever wins. I am a follower through Blogger.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Jonas Miller said...

I love your blog. I came across it through another blog "Just a little something for you" I found the four leaf clover on picture 6, beside the orchid pot" God bless you and keep up the good work Mim

cece said...

I found the shamrock under your beautiful white teapot with the ivy. I love your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

~ Lisa ~ said...

I think I seen the 4 leaf clover in the picture with the green hat....on top of the little green vase???

~ Lisa from Indiana ~

PS.. I can't get enough of your blog. So classy.

SarahGeorge said...

Ah, I found it :) Its behind the tea pot in your 8th picture :) Beautiful set up for St Patrick's day and what a wonderful memory to have a gift that was given long back! It was fun to participate :)

Kati said...

It looks like it's sitting there in between the pot of orchids and the green vase.

Oh that pie looks good! I love just about anything with mint!

Pam said...

I believe I spied with my little eye the 4 leaf clover on the dessert table with the green fedora behind the dessert plates next to the white bowl planter hanging on the root of the plant in the planter. ;-)

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh good grief, that pie looks dangerous! Mint and chocolate, two of my favorites... :-))

Cranberry Morning said...

P.S. I'm following you on Feedly

Barbara said...

Your minty pie not only looks yummy, but it's easy to make too!
Such fun decorations.....loved your post!

Marigene said...

What a festive dessert table...I'd like a piece of the pie, for sure!
Have a great week.

Debbie Huffaker said...

What I would like is a piece of that pie!!! ;-) I'll have to come back later when the headache subsides and take another look for the 4-leaf clover!!! Your St. Patty's tablescape is lovely!!

annemarie said...

This was so much fun especially since I am Irish and proud of it. I found the clover in the eighth picture from the top sitting on the beautiful Irish hankie that has the beautiful crochet edging in green and white. The hankie (or is it a napkin) is sitting next to the white tea server. Happy St. Pats day to you.

annemarie said...

Sorry - forgot to tell you that I am an email subscriber and follower.

podso said...

What a cute post! You put a lot of work into it but I can't find the four leaf clover! But I do follow you through blogger.

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your little leprechaun is adorable and the pie looks great:@)

Just a little something from Judy said...

I've searched for the four leaf clover, and I have not found it. Thankfully, whenever I search for your blog, I find it and enjoy every single post. This one is another exceptionally well done post! The pie recipe itself, is well worth my visit. Thank you so much for sharing it, and for giving me a St. Patrick's Day greeting. Beautiful!

nancycreative.com said...

What a fun St. Patrick's Day post! I saw a 4-leaf clover in the 8th photo down on the left side, resting on the chrochet-edged napkin! I follow you blog by email!

Susan said...

Oh my GOODNESS, LDH, what a lovely post. Wow wow wow Everything looks fabulous and that's no blarney.

Well, I THINK the four leaf clover is in the eighth photo down, on the left hand side.

Believe me, I had to really search for it! ha!

Take care. Please put my name into the pot for the giveaway.

Thanks for a lovely post! Susan

lindsey said...

My mouth is watering looking at that minty mousse Pie. I love your photos, we really don't go big on St Patrick's Day here in Britain, I guess they probably do in Ireland and in some of the Irish areas of London. My mother in law was Irish...I loved her :)

Sangeetha said...

Found it!! It is on the white napkin edged in green lace behind the hanging vines. Not sure the exquisite teapot can make the trip all the way to India....just entering for the fun of it! :)

Debbie Petras said...

I think I found it in the 8th photo on the left of the teapot on the cloth with the green embroidery.

I have to say I love your St. Patrick's Day decor. How inviting! And I just wish I could stop by your house and visit you in person enjoying all those fabulous goodies. I'm sure your company would be the best part.

Blessings and love,


How gorgeous everything is this setting pretty lady! The pie looks sooo yummy, wish I had a piece this minute!!! Your setting is perfect and so inviting, I am smitten with the two White teapots! Thank you so much for your visit, you did make my day!
Enjoy your weekend,

Susan K said...

I believe I see it on the pretty embroidered edge napkin/hanky beside the beautiful teapot. I am a new reader, having come over from BJ's Sweet Nothings blog. Thamk you!!

Kathleen said...

Love this pretty green and white post! So sharp and clear! The pie looks wonderful. Such a pretty tea pot and a prayer for your mom who had a very lucky bday!
Thanks so much for taking part in the 6th annual St. Pat's Bog Crawl! Slainte'!

Debbie Huffaker said...

It's in the picture with the green hat and white orchid...laying on top of the little green vase with the lid!!! It was easier to spot without the headache!!! ;-)

Dawn Monroe said...

I follow on google+ as Dawn Monroe. I think I see the clover between the houseplant and the teapot, laying on the white with green lace border cloth.

Beth Eaton said...

I found the 4-leaf clover on the white linen with the green crochet border. That was really a thoughtful gift from your friends on your 10th anniversary, and you have kept it all of these years! I also follow your blog through email-my email address is eatonbbeth@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Beth Eaton said...

I also posted this to my Facebook account! Beth Black Eaton

Beth Eaton said...

I am not sure if my 2 comments were sent or not. Thank you!

Beth Eaton said...

I posted this on my Facebook also!

Gypsy Heart said...

Such beautiful photos and the pie is to die for! How do you manage to make everything look so appetizing?

I'll say that the 4 leaf clover is in picture #8...on the napkin with the green trim. Please say it's so ~ I love the tea pot! :)

I follow by email.


Shelia said...

Oh, what a lovely post and the pie looks so very good! Wish I could come over.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Debbie Huffaker said...

I also posted your give-a-way on my Facebook page under Debbie Wiles Huffaker!

Haddock said...

What a wonderful display. Like that octagon box :-)

Sarah Norris said...
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