With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Orchids in bloom

Friday, February 28, 2014

Orchids in bloom

 Two or three times each year my orchids burst into bloom
(this one was a wedding table centerpiece of a dear friend's daughter)
 This is where they live
squished together by a window in our dining room
(so intertwined I have trouble knowing which flowers come form which plant)
 ignoring the snow of winter
 This one was a gift to me from two sweet ladies from our Bible study group
 I don't remember where most of them came from

 Our daughter, Jamie gave this one to my mom and I received it when she passed away.
I don't have any growing tips because mine seem to thrive on neglect.
  • They grow in the corner of a south facing window squished together for lack of room.
  • I water on Monday and Friday morning because it is a convenient schedule that I don't forget. I give them a good squirt but don't create standing water.
  • I use tepid water that I keep in a plastic bottle but often use tap water.
  • I never move them (except for these photos)
  • Do do try to rotate the plants when the flower stem is growing because they bend toward the light.
  • I have learned not to cut off the stem when the flowers fade and fall because they often send out more flowers from it.
  • And, I am astonished at how long the flowers last ~ sometimes 2-3 months!
  • I have never re-potted them and some are years old.
  • If an older leaf yellows, I cut it off.
  • I have noticed, after blooming, my plants produce a new leaf that grows rather quickly.
  • Orchids are not very attractive when not in bloom but given time, they will flower again, and again


Just a little something from Judy said...

One time, long ago, I was given an orchid, and I pulled out all stops to try to keep it alive. It did not work for me. So, I am happy to share in the beauty that resides in your home. The prettiest dining room display anywhere! And, to me, making it even better, is your humbleness in how it all happened. I love that you shared it all with us. It made my day!

Adrienne said...

Your orchids are beautiful! I've always thought of growing orchids but my southern-facing window is the garage door! That wouldn't work well for me, plus it's cold out there! So, I enjoy them in the homes of friends and in the stores. Maybe someday I'll have the right spot and I'll enjoy their beauty, too.

podso said...

They are beautiful and I'm sure there's a lesson in that last sentence. :-) Have a nice weekend!

Olga said...

Loraine, they really are gorgeous! What a magnificent display.

NanaDiana said...

I have never really tried orchids. My daughter that can't grow anything grows orchids beautifully. LOL I thought she had fake ones because the blooms lasted so long. Yours are just gorgeous, Lorraine. WOW xo Diana

Patricia Reitz said...

Sadly, I loved my first orchid to death, but I tried again and just last week got my second orchid to rebloom. Only 2 blooms, but they're spectacular! Thanks for the helpful tips - I didn't not know the spent flower spike could produce more blooms.... I'll be careful not to cut it off this time.

Patricia @ ButterYum


Stunning orchids pretty lady! I had a gorgeous one for two years and now it doesn't have flowers, but looks fresh and Green, so I'm hopeful that it'll Bloom one day soon.
Thank you a ton for your wishes on our anniversary. Enjoy your weekend.

Creative Design said...

Lovely and thanks fort he tips! I' think I'll pick some up this weekend!


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I have often seen your orchids and wondered to myself you must be an expert for they are so lovely and healthy looking. YOU have many blooms on each flower stem. YOU apparently have the perfect spot for the lighting, they are beautiful.
I have one; it is sending out a flower stem now and will bloom probably April. When I first got it, it had 2 flower stems, but since I have had it, it only sends out 1 flower stem a year. I do wait like you do, to cut the stem back. I was wondering about the roots, I see your roots are rampant coming out of the pots. I was wondering if you cut those back. I do feed my orchid once a month when it’s sending out a flower shoot. I do water it every 10 days and mist it every morning just slightly. I do have a humidifier near it to keep moisture in the air; the house with the heat on is very dry.

Barbara F. said...

I think they are just very happy living in your home, Lorraine. They are really beautiful. I had one a boss gave to me one time for Secretary's Day, and promptly killed it. Oh well. xo

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Congrats on your beautiful success! I only had one and let's just politely say it wasn't happy... Enjoy:@)

Cathy said...

I am amazed with your beautiful orchids. You make it seem so easy, yet that has not been my personal experienc. I am probably more" fussy" with them. Thank you for the great tips; you've inspired me to give it another try.

Blackberry Lane said...

These are so pretty and go well with your d├ęcor. Have a nice weekend.

Cheryl said...

Your orchids are beautiful, Lorraine! I have a friend who also grows beautiful orchids. Somehow, I suspect that I could kill even a plant that "thrives on neglect." :)

Lea said...

Beautiful orchids! I grow African Violets and so enjoy it. Maybe I should try my hand with orchids.

Happy weekend!

Susan said...

Your orchids are gorgeous, LDH. I love orchids. They are really among the most regal of flowers. Susan

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Just beautiful and very Spring like!! We will be getting about 5-6 inches of snow by Monday!!

Thanks so much for your visits and kind words!!


Debbie Petras said...

Lovely orchids! I had one for about six months and it died. But I loved it while it lasted.

The Old Parsonage said...

Oh so beautiful! I gave one to a friend when her boyfriend passed away 2 years ago and she only has to give it 3 ice cubes every week. It continues to bloom too.

enjoy their beauty!


EMMA said...

Beautiful. Mine never last, don't know what I'm doing wrong. My mother-in-law manages to keep hers forever.

Gypsy Heart said...

How beautiful! I've never tried to grow them as I felt they were most likely pretty delicate...evidently, not so. :) I also didn't know the blooms last that long. Lots of great information ~ thank you!



Such beautiful glorious orchids and in so many lovely colors. Love them all. I am sure they brighten your day when you look at them. Hugs Judy

kitty said...

Your orchids are just beautiful and they must love you, Lorraine. I only had one that re-bloomed for me. Maybe I didn't give them enough time?

SarahGeorge said...

I love orchids, and yours are so beautiful. You've given great tips which will be helpful for even beginners :)

Donna said...

There flowers AND your photos are beautiful! I've never tried to grow them and we really don't have a good spot for any indoor plants at our current home.


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