With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: 3 in 1 Tour

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 in 1 Tour

Sunday night, John and I spent the evening at Lancaster Bible College enjoying and worshiping with Mandisa, Brandon Heath and Laura Story at their 3 in 1 Tour.
It was wonderful! 
Mandisa filled the auditorium with her enthusiasm and energy.  And, who, even on a dreary morning,  is not instantly lifted up and compelled to smile, want to dance and give thanks for a new day when hearing her lively, Good Morning!
 Mandisa and Brandon Heath
Lifting our hearts to praise our loving Father
Mandisa and Brandon

  Brandon with Laura on bass
Brandon brought his passion for others with many favorites including Give Me Your Eyes and Jesus in Disguise with his gentle and compassionate, storytelling style.
It was the first time I heard Brandon's, Paul Brown Petty and it touched my heart especially as I thought of the dear relationship my husband has with our grandson, Jared.
Isn't he a cutie!

Brandon and Laura 
 Laura with her sweet baby girl who travels with her.
This lovely lady shared her multi-talent, moving from keyboard to guitar to bass complimenting her beautiful voice. Her performance encompassed a genuineness, strength, and love as she shared her journey on a road she and her husband didn't expect. I love her very real and heart-felt music style. 
Laura performing Blessings.

What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re near?
What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?

A brain tumor hospitalized her husband, Martin, not long into their marriage. Their journey through recovery and memory loss and their response by trusting God and continuing to worship him is a tremendous encouragement.  We all face hard roads at times and the words of this song are powerful. 
This link takes you to Laura sharing "The Story Behind the Song".
This endearing smile is a window into her warm personality and sense of humor.


NanaDiana said...

That sounds like a wonderful concert, Lorraine-a blessing. What an inspirational story Laura and her husband share. xo Diana

Adrienne said...

Thank you for sharing this. I can only imagine what a wonderful time of worship it was. I wish I could have gone with you!

Desires of the Heart said...

There is nothing better than a life worship concert to draw us to the throne and enliven our hearts to the Lord. Music is so powerful. Thanks for sharing your blessing with us all!!

Debbie Petras said...

I love each one of these artists! I love to listen to Mandisa's Good Morning song and get so energized whether it's getting ready for work or walking on my treadmill. I saw her once at the Women of Faith conference. Thank you for sharing your fun with us.

Blessings and love,

Debbie said...

Oh how wonderful this must have been! I love all of these artists, but I especially love Mandisa's Good morning...soo powerful! Thanks for sharing this... : )

lindsey said...

I can guess what a great time you must have had.I enjoyed watching the video clip...thanks for sharing Lorraine.

Just a little something from Judy said...

What inspiration and encouragement this concert must have brought you. Thanks for sharing the video and the story behind Laura and her husband. Your pictures are so well captured.

podso said...

It sounds like a wonderful concert. I took a listen. And I love the chalkboard village idea! Just what a car loving little boy needs!

Maryann said...

Blessings is a song that always speaks to my heart when I hear it, I never knew the story behind it. What a wonderful opportunity to see these artists perform, sounds like a wonderful time

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Oh these are some of my favorite artist and songs..thanks for sharing, I missed the concert that came through recently and I have been wanting to go to another one...I felt I enjoyed part of one through your post

Cuparoons said...

Wow, what a great concert! "Blessings" always encourages me and is a song I treasure dearly because it reminds me of Romans 8:28 - that no matter what happens, God is in control!

nancycreative.com said...

That sounds like it was a wonderful concert and worship time!

nancycreative.com said...

That sounds like it was a wonderful concert and worship time!

Susan said...

So glad you and your hubs were able to go to that concert, LDH.

Did you take those photos? Fabulous job if you did!

Thanks for sharing. Susan

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Oh wow ... you can feel the energy from the photos. I would love to have been there for this one.

Dawn said...

Did I ever mention that my daughter is a graduate of LBC!?


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