With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Lily White's Party

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lily White's Party

Our NY Grandchildren, Brenna Meghan, Shaela Jamie and Ryan Emory
Jill was telling me how recently she used a saying with her children that she remembered her dad saying to her as a child as she and her sisters prepared for bedtime.  She knew he learned it from his mom and wondered where it came from. 
John would tell the girls, "Time for Kitty White's Party".
Curious, we both did an internet search and came up with nothing.
I was telling Abbey our quandary concerning the origin of Kitty White's party.  Abbey searched and found that it was “LILY” White’s Party (some said Lily White’s Ball).  Somehow, Lily became Kitty, at least in John's memory. We found several comments that people remember it from their childhood.  Some said it was popular in the 40’s and 50’s. Most thought it annoying as children but now think of it fondly.  It must had come from the following poem.
right click photo, open in new tab or window and click again to enlarge for easier reading
 Do you remember this poem?


Debbie Petras said...

What a lovely poem! I was able to click to enlarge it and read. Thank you for sharing and of course, lovely photos!

Blessings and love,

lindsey said...

Its is interesting how these memories come about...I have never heard this saying or poem but maybe it isn't recognised in the UK. But I do remember songs and rhymes that my father sang to me and now I sing them to my grandchildren :)

Susan said...

Oh, Lorraine, love your pink rose borders and those adorable grandchildren. Aren't we blessed so richly with little ones?

Never heard of that poem! How sweet. Susan

Maple Lane said...

I had not heard this before. A sweet memory and such beautiful blessings your grands are.

Barbara F. said...

I have never heard of this poem. I guess it is a way of encouraging "pleasant dreams". I think I would have woken up missing the cake and ice cream! xo

podso said...

I don't remember this poem nor have I heard the expression. We were always told "Sleep tight ..." and you know the rest of that and the history I'm sure.
But you have presented this post so beautifully with the rose frames, and the pics of your grandchildren asleep are pure sweetness!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I have never heard the poem or the saying before, but I loved it! The pics of your grands is just precious! Nothing like sleeping sweeties. Enjoy your day!

marie said...

I've never heard this before...it's such a sweet poem. But not nearly as sweet as those precious photos!

I thought of your grandchildren (and you) earlier today when I saw this:


It looks like something you might make for them.

Have a wonderful day Lorraine!

NanaDiana said...

I never heard it before, Lorraine. What a beautiful old poem- xo Diana

Ann said...

I've never heard that before but it's lovely

Melissa said...

I had never heard of this poem, but its lovely.

Your photos are precious!

Just a little something from Judy said...

How is it that you can even make a child's nighttime poem, look so pretty? I never heard of this and think it is so much fun that you were able to find it. The photos are so precious!

April Steele said...

Yes! I was gooing today looking for the origin of this--my mom always said it at bedtime. I wonder how Lily got corrupted to Kitty? All I learned was that Hello Kitty is really named Kitty White! Thanks for providing an answer!


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