With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: 1/29/12 - 2/5/12

Saturday, February 4, 2012

His Birthday

It was a full day celebrating John's Birthday earlier this week.
He took a day from work and bright and early we headed to Chick-Fil-A (with a coupon for a free breakfast) then to the train station for a trip into Philly.
John picked card no. 48 from our
City Walks Philadelphia, 50 Adventures on Foot,
and we set out for Historic Society Hill.
The weather was sunny and very mild for a winter day in January.
Usually it would be cold and snowy.
The streets were empty except for an occasional dog being walked or postman delivering mail as we strolled down the brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets.

The Society Hill Towers on Locust Street reached into the blue sky.  We passed the Abercrombie House built for a Scottish sea captain in 1759.  The Physick House on South Fourth Street was built in 1786.  Later,  Doctor Philip Syng Physick, known as "Father of American Surgery" took up residence.
Man Full of Trouble Tavern is located on Spruce Street and is the cities only surviving pre-Revolution tavern.
Down Willings Alley we found the courtyard of Old St. Joseph's Church. Founded in 1733 it is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Philadelphia.

I wanted to get a photo while we were inside but didn't want to disturb anyone with the sounds from the camera.  We will be attending a wedding here very soon.
 Just a couple blocks away is The Down Town Club where the wedding reception will be held.
Aside from an occasional pedestrian, we felt we had the city to ourselves.
One the way home we stopped in to visit with Jamie.  I will share those pics in another post.
Just as we arrived home, the phone rang with wishes from Jill.
Ryan, Brenna and Shaela sang and giggled 
♪♪♪ Happy Birthday♪♪♪
 to their Pop-Pop.
A short time home to take care of Raider and it was off to Library 2 for a fine steak dinner.
It was Erin and AJ's gift to John and it was very special! 
This restaurant is very dark inside and the walls are lined with old books.
Patrons are allowed to take a book or two home with them and Abbey was beside herself with joy as she scanned the shelves.
It was so dark she needed the light from her phone.
We were tuckered out going all day and right through the evening but it was a wonderful day together.
John felt very loved, as he is.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting for baby

Jamie is due the end of February.
I was inspired by a crocheted baby blanket I saw on Pinterest
to make for our new granddaughter soon to join her five siblings.
(Here is the LINK to the Etsy shop where you can purchase the pattern made by Sheila for the beautiful baby blanket that inspired my project.  Sheila's blankets are much cuter!)  

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chocolate Mousse by Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

I picked up chocolate molds on after-Christmas clearance (75%-off) and knew they would make perfect serving cups for a special dessert.  They were a little tricky un-molding but nothing that the filling didn't hide.
Following the directions on the package, I made 10 dessert shells with about half a bag of Candy Melts.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loving Hands

Keri's stay last week was short so she is spending a few more days here with us this week.  I have been thinking that something my mom made would be fitting her soon and I was right.
Keri was happy to twirl about and model as Pop-Pop snapped pics.
Whatever my mom put her hand to do, she did it with all of her might and ability.
Her many crochet projects are still enjoyed today by those she lovingly shared her gifts with.


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