With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Waiting for baby

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting for baby

Jamie is due the end of February.
I was inspired by a crocheted baby blanket I saw on Pinterest
to make for our new granddaughter soon to join her five siblings.
(Here is the LINK to the Etsy shop where you can purchase the pattern made by Sheila for the beautiful baby blanket that inspired my project.  Sheila's blankets are much cuter!)  

I added a teeny beanie and similar beanies for big sisters
Keri and Cambrie.
Hard to think of Cambrie as a big sister!
The tiny beanie pattern was found on a very sweet blog ~
The Dainty Daisy.
Betsy (and Laura) has a video tutorial for this sweet hat for those of you that need a little encouragement to begin a project.
For the blanket:
remember the crocheted washcloths I made here?

Using the same pattern but working with three strands worsted weight yarn, N crochet hook, and doubling the beginning chain count, I made a baby blanket measuring about 28x32-inches.

This is a very thick blanket that would be super cushy to lay a baby on or use to throw over a car seat or stroller.  Too thick, in my opinion, for wrapping baby in.

The pattern
Worsted weight cotton yarn (I am not sure how much yarn I used.  I worked from three 1-lb. skeins and probably have enough left to make another blanket.
Crochet Hook size N or whatever size works best for you

Ch 56
Row 1
Hdc in the 2nd ch from hook, (sc in the next ch, dc in the next ch)
across, sc in the next ch, hdc in the last ch; ch 1, turn.

Row 2
Hdc in the first hdc, (dc in the next sc, sc in the next dc) 12 times, dc in the next sc, hdc in the last hdc; ch 1, turn.

Row 3
Hdc in the first hdc, (sc in the next dc, dc in the next sc) across, sc in the next dc, hdc in the last hdc; ch 1, turn.

Rows 4-to length desired
(Repeat rows 2 and 3) to desired length; do not ch 1 at the end of row.

Last Row: Sl st in each st across. Fasten off.

I bought 1 yard of fabric for the backing and after washing and hand stitching to the back I had just enough left over to make two small burp cloths.
While visiting with Jamie, I peeked into her bedroom
and this is what I saw.
It is the same cradle I put her in when we brought her and her twin sister home from the hospital.
It has been used by many babies since then.

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Susie said...

What an awesome gift !!! Adore those little hats :):) You make me wish I'd crochet again. xo, Susie(She Junks)

Debbie said...

Good morning! Oh my goodness, I just LOVE the blanket and the hats. All of it really I guess. Soo precious. How exciting...it is almost baby time. Praying all the best for everyone...Have a good day! HUGS

Heather said...

Its beautiful and how exciting!! I just love seeing your handwork it is lovely ~Have a great day Love Heather

Marydon said...

What darling creations for baby to receive ... & sisters, also. They are beautiful.

Your cradle is very similar, if now exactly, as ours for our children. Many a baby has since been loved & cradled in ours, too.

Precious pictures of the twins. Time sure flies, doesn't it.

Have a gorgeous day~

marie said...

What a precious gift...useful and straight from a grandmother's heart and very talented hands too!

I love that the girls will have matching hats! Thanks for sharing the video link...this is my year to learn crocheting. I'll be starting with some washcloths and little hearts but who knows, maybe I'll make something as complicated as a hat before the year ends! : )

I'll be praying for a Jamie during this final month of pregnancy!

Pondside said...

Such sweet gifts you've made!
I had the same cradle for our daughter, who will be married this spring. I can't remember where it went - I'm pretty sure that there was some young couple on the military base who needed it when we were finished with it. That was the way things were back then!

Marti said...

New baby will be so cozy under that adorable blanket. How nice to be able to pass the cradle down for generations.

The Tablescaper said...

You've made a beautiful creation in anticipation of yet another beautiful creation.

- The Tablescaper

podso said...

How sweet the gift that you made! You will have to post a pic of the big sisters and the new baby with their caps! The flower addition is wonderful!

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

You are AMAZING...like really amazing! I wish we lived closer so you could help me learn how to crochet. I am the worst and so really appreciate your talents Lorraine!

Lorraine said...

very nice !
Lots of babies !!!

Dayle said...

I love, love the blanket and the beanie hats! Congrats on a new one to love and spoil.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh so sweet! Those pictures!! And I love the blanket and the hats and the burp cloths! Hope all is going well with your daughter as she gets ready for #5!!!! Enjoy!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, your blanket came out beautiful!.. and I love all the photos of the babies, so sweet! Thanks for sharing a how-to, and have a good night! ~tina

Marysol said...

Your granddaughter will look adorable in the hat with the crocheted flowers.
Congratulations on the new pink bundle of joy!

Olga said...

The blanket is so lovely, and the beanies are just adorable. I might try making a beanie for my friend's baby.

Winnie said...

It's a beautiful and very loving blanket. It shows that you put all your love into it
It's precious

Winnie said...

It's a beautiful and very loving blanket. It shows that you put all your love into it
It's precious

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful gift. I love it. My son is taking the cradle that he used when he was born. Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? I LOVE the picture of the twins in there. I'll say a prayer for a safe delivery and perfect health. xo Diana

Paula {Salad in a Jar} said...

Love the colors you picked, Lorraine. Very sophisticated. I'm thinking people can't wait to open their presents from you.

Paula {Salad in a Jar} said...

Love the colors you picked, Lorraine. Very sophisticated. I'm thinking people can't wait to open their presents from you.

lindsey said...

I love this crocheted blanket and the beanies are so pretty. I also liked seeing the crib as it has been used previously, especially with the twins side by side. I am sitting waiting for my twin granddaughters to arrive with their baby brother, all coming to stay for a few days!

Tracy said...

That's a beautiful blanket...nice work on that! I love the beanies as well :) Congrats!

Maple Lane said...

Your grandaughters are very blessed to receive these beautiful creations made by you! I loved seeing all the baby photos.

Beth said...

What lovely gifts to welcome the new baby with!

Ann said...

I love this blanket. I want one in big people size...lol
What an awesome gift all of that is going to be.

Patrice said...

I love those sweet little hats!

Ann said...

I came back to tell you that I had pinned this post and just now when I was checking my email I see that it's been repinned 4 times already :)

Buttercup said...

Lorraine, the only pictures that will be sweeter will be those with your new grandchild. So excited for you and your family. Hugs to you and to John!

Leann said...

So sweet love those beanies. And we have the same cradle from our boys - can't wait until we have to get it our again!


Sue said...

You have created more beautiful treasures,Lorraine. And the cradle with all the past memories is about to create more memories, how precious is this!!.
You do beautiful work, thanks for the tutorial!

Cottage and Broome said...

Love the pictures of your grand babies! Nothing in life is sweet than sleeping babies. It will be a long time before I'm a Grandmother but I hope someday! Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura

Susan said...

You are SO TALENTED! Lucky babies to have you as their Grammie! Lovely things you made. Susan

Petra said...

I recognized the washcloth pattern. I've made many for Christmas and might just make a baby blanket for a friend next. Did you use the same pattern for one of the beanies as well? Blessings! You inspire me to create!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Wow, you have so much love and energy. I do not know how you do all of the wonderful things that you do, but I know that your family and friends must certainly appreciate you and I do from a distance. From your baking, your wonderful photography and then your craftiness, and this blanket is really darling and so filled with love poured into the hours of making every stitch. Beautiful Blessings!

Viv said...

you're incredibly talented lorraine! ive not a clue how to crochet but now you've inspired me get into it one day...i would happily buy your blanket or beanie...so beautiful!

so cool the cradle has seen generations and im sure would be a wonderful sleeping place for the new baby :)

Cheryl said...

How beautiful, you're so clever!

Laurie said...

There is nothing sweeter than a new baby, and your precious new granddaughter will be wrapped in love in her new blanket and beanie. I love the tradition of handing down the cradle ~ what a blessing!

corners of my life said...

Looking forward to hearing about the baby's arrival. Those beanies are just too cute!

Linda C said...

Hi Lorraine! Thanks so much for coming by my place and welcoming me back to blogging! I'm so happy to be back.:)

This blanket is just adorable- I just love it! I would find it hard to use those two beautiful spit cloths- so pretty! My dil makes her own spit cloths out of cute fabric...back in the day of my babies, I just used cloth diapers.:)
I still have two 21 year old cloth diaper dust rags.:)
PS I just disposable diapers.

It makes my head spin sometimes to see all the changes of things available for raising children these days.

Anyway, I've missed you and will be back to "chat" soon.


T's Daily Treasures said...

The end of February ... I think the 26th is a very good day for a birthday (it'll be my 46th :) The blanket turned out so beautifully. I have never added a backing to a crocheted blanket before. My sewing skills are not that great. I still have my granny stripe to finish but will have to get creative as all the scrap yarn I was using is about to run out and can't seem to find anymore. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful way to welcome your precious new granddaughter into your world! Love the gentleness of the blanket and the three hats are priceless! Can't wait to meet your new, little miss - and to see the girls in their hats!

Pamela said...

Precious heirlooms for your grandchild to treasure. I love that you made matching hats for the older girls. My granddaughter wears these often. Backing the projects made me itch to make one.

Kathleen said...

It is beautiful, L! I will pray all goes well too.


How beautiful, I'm loving the little pink blanket and the matching hats for the elder ones, wow! You're very blessed to be awaiting for a bundle of joy! God bless your daughter on her due date.

Carrie said...

What a wonderful gift!! Thank you so much for sharing them all at Sharing Saturday! We hope to see you share again next week.

odetoinspiration said...

Wow! That's a beautiful blanket!! I love love it! I need to learn how to crochet. If you ever decide to sell them, let me know:D I will have to pin this blanket...thanks for sharing!

Creative Design said...

Lovely blanket! You were inspired by one of my blankets that I sell on Etsy! If anyone would like to purchase the pattern, they can find it here


Love your choice of yarn colors and fabric! The hats are precious as well! Treasured family heirlooms to be sure!

My best to you and your growing family!


Jillian Jenkins said...

All of this is so beautiful! I decided to make a blanket like this for my friend who is having a baby in January and was wondering if you could share how you make the burp cloths. I'd like to make some along with my blanket and I like the ones you made. Thanks!

Allee Versa the United States said...

This is beautiful! If I may ask, how did you hand stitch the fabric on? My daughter received a similar blanket but unfortunately, some of the stitches broke in the was and so there are open pockets between the crochet and the flannel.... I'd love your input!!!

Meli said...

These are beautiful!

How did you stich the yarn to the fabric? By hand? What thread or string did you use?


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