Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Rustic, Vintage, Whimsical Wedding

Our son-in-law's only sister was married this past weekend.
They didn't plan it but their timing of the date was
September 10, 2011
 As Joanna stood with her dad, her bother Jeremiah, who pastors in Brasil, spoke on Ephesians.
Jeremy's grandfather was involved in the Giving in Marriage.
 Joanna & Jeremy

Our daughter, Jamie was the matron-of-honor (seen on the far left)
John wouldn't miss a father~daughter dance with his sweet Jamie (expecting baby #6)
This wedding was so special to us on so many levels.
Sitting in the packed church, my heart overflowed as I looked around and saw so many dear church friends of so many years.
Our friends, with their children, now young adults that I knew since they were toddlers and kids.
All grown and beginning families of their own.
Let me show you the amazing reception and introduce you to the sweetheart behind it all.
All of the following photos belong to
Tracey Lynne
Rustic, Vintage, with a touch of Whimsy
That is what the bride hoped for.
That is what Tracey created with beautiful attention to every detail!

Yes, all of this and so much more (photos on Tracey's site). 
Not only is Tracey fun loving, adorable, talented, creative and decorator extraordinaire
she is also a mom of four precious little boys!
Go visit Tracey's place.
You're gonna love her!
Hidden Cupcakes

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making German Paper Stars... Again

Betcha can't make just one.
I only needed to make one to include with a shower gift and look what happened.
Before I knew it I had made one in each color.
One to match the wedding invitation is packaged in a cellophane bag and closed with a tag
(Bag fround in candy making department of craft store and tag made on computer and stapled closed)
I also had some neutral colored paper so I made some stars (also called Moravian Stars or Froebel Stars) for autumn
If you are like me, even after making hundreds of these paper stars, need an occasional instruction refresher  when starting back making them, I have included a previously posted video tutorial for step-by-step how to.
The link button to my original post is located on my sidebar.

A shout out to
the Starcraft Etsy Shop
whom I purchased the paper strips from.
Great selection and beautiful paper.
I LOVE the metallic paper ~ it is easy to work with and makes gorgeous stars.
Note:  In my original tutorial post, I suggest waxing the paper stars. I would continue to do this especially for the stars used outside for holiday decorating.
I do not plan waxing the metallic stars because they are lovely as is but I won't be  using them outside.
How to Wax and glitter your Stars can be found in this post:
Linking to Christmas in July Party @Knick of Time


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