With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: 7/10/11 - 7/17/11

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Boys

It was a long wait but we finally got miniature golfing with three of our grandsons this evening. 
It began as a birthday celebration for Noah who had his 7th birthday way back in September.
The miniature golf course closed for the winter before we were able to get there.
When Silas had his 5th birthday in May, he wanted to go golfing too.
In June Jared turned 14 and always enjoys the opportunity to see if he can get a hole-in-one.
Miniature Golfing sounded fun to him .
So this Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop set aside this weekend just for
the boys.
After a fun time golfing, we headed home for a kid friendly dinner, birthday cake, make-your-own ice-cream Sundae's and a little wiffle ball in the back yard.
A blueberry pancake breakfast is on the menu for tomorrow morning
before heading to Strawbridge Lake to do some 'frogging'.
that's what little (and not so little) boys are made of.

I saw the eye doctor again this morning and am happy that my eye is improving.  I need to continue the drops and should be good as new next week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Girls

We drove six hours up to our daughters this past Friday afternoon where I shot the wedding photography
for my son-in-law's sister on Saturday.
The day began at 8am at the salon and ended in a send-off of bright sparklers.
It was a gorgeous day and how I loved seeing everyone again.
After church on Sunday we enjoyed lunch together at Friendly's and then drove back home, arriving at 8:30pm.
Here is a glimpse of precious little girls doing what little girls do best ~
being adorable!
Shaela Jamie
Top row:  Shaela ~ Sarah ~ Maeve.  Bottom row: Shaela ~ Maeve ~ Maeve Brenna and Shae
I am reading my Google Reader but slow on commenting as my plate is full with editing 1000+ photos and making a slideshow.
Squeezing in a sleepover/miniature golfing birthday party this Friday and Saturday for three of our grandsons (Jared, Noah and Silas).
Also had to spend a few hours at the eye doctors yesterday for a cornea problem that came out of nowhere.
Suddenly I noticed a cloudy film over my right eye that made it look like I was seeing through a sheet of plastic.
The doctor said the entire surface of the cornea looks as though it was scratched with sandpaper and is swollen.  Home with eye drops and an appointment for Friday morning to repeat the exam to make sure it has healed.

Hope to be back to emailing and commenting in a week or so.


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