With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: 6/26/11 - 7/3/11

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Independence Day Celebration ~ The Parade

Hometown love for America...
A few words that popped into my head as we watched the parade
Jamie and family

God bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home
God bless America, My home sweet home.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trash to Treasure ~ A Garden Screen

Last fall I noticed eight metal scroll-like things lying at the curb by
my neighbors trash.
(they were originally the four sides to a canopy that had seen better days)
I noticed them while walking the dog but didn't haul
them home right away.
I liked them too much to leave them so, without a clue what I would do with them, I went back and lugged them home to the shed where they remained all winter.
 I tried using them separately as a kind of trellis but I didn't really need another trellis.
Then I thought to stand them together to form an open screen and use as a backdrop to a sitting area we have along the back edge of our yard.
The posts are open and hollow on the bottom end.
John bought and cut conduit and drove half of it into the ground.
Then we slid each section over the above ground conduit.
It worked perfectly and is very stable!
To keep each section tight at the top, we secured them together with black nylon ties.
I transplanted some tiny Morning Glory plants that have begun springing up elsewhere.
I don't think there is enough sun for the Morning Glories so I might have to root some ivy cuttings if I want foliage growing up my new garden screen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toll House Cookies

Our forever go-to recipe when we're in the mood for a
chocolate chip cookie.
I'm a fancy kind of cookie girl.
Not my family.
They want chocolate chip.
Slightly crispy on the outside ~ soft on the inside.
They're fussy about their chocolate chip cookies!

A Funny

In my daughters salon I picked up a Reader's Digest and had to laugh when I saw this cartoon...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mildred Daylily

One of my first followers soon became a dear friend.
We have shared our hearts, prayed for and encouraged one another.


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