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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warning... Sad Little Girl Ahead

Our church has held an indoor Soccer League outreach for many, many years.  Our girls were a part of it all through childhood and John coached and ref-ed for years.  He loved it and sadly sent his referee shirt to a donation organization just last year thinking his soccer league days were over.

Then he learned our granddaughter, Keri Jill, was old enough to begin now that she is 7 years old.  So, first thing this morning, off we went to watch Keri play and cheer her on.
After ascertaining that she looked cute with her pink jacket tied around her waist, she was ready to play.
It began well.
Then, a bit of apprehension set in.
Feeling uncertain about what she should do as Daddy coaches her team and
brothers Silas and Noah look on.
Preferring to watch the boys scrambling after the ball.
Not liking this situation at all. Daddy, I need to talk to you...
Mommy, I just want to go home...
and curl up on the sofa.
Parenting is such a fine balance in encouraging, loving, prodding along yet not pushing too hard.  I'm sure every mom feels the same heart tug remembering a time with a child facing a challenge in their young life.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thundersnow and Winter Robins

Both unusual occurrences around my neck of the woods.
I was out shoveling long before this beautiful sunrise this morning.
This was a very heavy snow that was not only accompanied by thunder and lightening but also weighed down all of the evergreens and bushes.  The hydrangea bush above, reminds me of coral.
 The Eastern Red Bud branches arched to  the ground.
 I don't think the branches on my evergreens will ever stand tall again.
a bit over Raiders head
Then a delightful surprise...
I noticed a red flash outside the window and was surprised to see a Robin.
Soon more Robins.
 They filled the branches of both the Red Bud on the front lawn and a tree at the curbs edge.
So many I lost count.
A special joy to take my mind off my aching arms and wrists.

I Love Doilies...

...and tablecloths
     ...and hankies
          ...and lace
               ...and bureau scarves
                    ...and table runners
                         ...and vintage baby clothing(ours and our children)
                              ...and vintage baby shoes (ours and our children)
Crisp white linens, starched and ironed are my favorite.
The hand made pieces and the machine made ones ~ both beautiful to me, with the soft yellowing of age.
The pieces that are not being enjoyed around the house are stored in a pie safe that I bought years ago, unfinished and stained in a cherry wood color.
I have been busy sorting and labeling many of the pieces I have.
I have pieces that my mom has made back in the 1940's.  There are a few things made by her mother, who died long before I was born.  There are items that were given to me as gifts.
One day they will belong to my children and I want to leave notes about each piece so they might enjoy how they came to be special to our family.
Some they will recognize right away but many others they don't even know exist.
Right now, I know they don't have the same appreciation for these piece that I do, but I hope one day they will.  If they do, it will be nice knowing more about the hands that created each piece.
a locket that belonged to Grandmom Hazel.
all safely stored for the joy of future generations.
Joining Cindy @My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiny Crocheted Hearts

Thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, I made a couple of cards with snips and pieces of paper and lace from my craft cabinet. I am not a scrapbook-er or card maker so just added a little here and a little there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At the Feeders

I was able to snap a few shots of birds visiting the bird feeder wreath before it was decimated by a gluttonous squirrel.  I stood at the window and watched him devour the various treats and then nibble at the string used to tie the peanut butter and seed covered pine cones to the wreath.  After dropping each one to the ground, this industrious rodent, using his tiny hands, barely secured a large pine cone in his mouth and gleefully ran away.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stamped Valentine's

Little ones spending the night is a perfect reason to make lovely abstract roses for Valentine's Day Cards for their Mommy.
 This Martha Stewart project worked well with various ages.  I had a 4, 6, 7 and even 13 year old interested.  I enjoyed stamping right along with them :)
 The simple stamping tools are easily made from corrugated cardboard and a wine cork.  I prepared these before the kids arrived.
Using a box cutter, I cut pieces 4x12-inches for larger rose motif  and pieces 4x4-inch for smaller roses.  After rolling up, I secured the tube shape with rubber bands.
The leaf stamp was made by slicing 1/4-inch from the end of a cork.
Martha suggested using an ink pad.  I didn't have one so we squirted some acrylic paint onto a cookie sheet and dipped the edges into the paint making sure that all of the edges were loaded with paint.
 Creative little people went to work on their pieces of card stock
 Even a thirteen year old had a tender heart about making a sweet Valentine for his mom.  When the paint dried, I glued them to pieces of card stock in a complimentary color.
 We had some very stylized creations, some random ones and all very beautiful and made with love!
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