With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: New York City Fun

Friday, December 2, 2011

New York City Fun

John and I treated ourselves to a short getaway.
An overnight trip to NYC.
We drove to Hammilton, NJ then took the train to the NY Penn Station.
A few blocks and we were at our hotel.
 Our first stop was Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes.
It was a beautiful show!

 Very festive
After the show, we walked and walked and enjoyed the tall buildings and the liveliness of the city.
John calculated that we walked more than 60 blocks!
Oh, our aching feet and legs :)
 We oohed and aahed at amazing jewelry and sporty cars.
We strolled Rockefeller Center to see the lighted Christmas tree.
While reading a post of a blogging friend (Pat @Mille Fiori Favoriti) we really wanted to visit Rolf's German Restaurant.  I found the over-the-top abundance of holiday decoration quite festive and fun.
It seemed the other guests did too as the room was filled with a happy crowd.
I had read reviews that are not all favorable so went more for the decor than the food.

Our server was very sweet, friendly and attentive. 
She had no problem when we asked to be moved to a different table as the one we were seated at was very tight. The tables are squeezed in but our fellow diners were of the friendly sort and it didn't bother us.

John ordered Wiener Schnitzel with green beans and spätzle.  He loved the meat but found the spätzle too bland.  I had the Roast Loin of Pork, braised red cabbage with mashed potatoes that I really enjoyed. The Apple Strudel for dessert was good but way over priced. ($12.00) which brought us to the one thing that we were surprised by.  Apparently the holiday season is when the prices are hiked up.  The on-line menu that we checked just before we left for our trip listed prices for entrees ~ those same entrees were each $9 more on their Christmas Menu.  Maybe that is typical but we were not expecting it. 
 The small dining area was really beautiful in my opinion.
A lovely way to usher in the Christmas season.
The highlight of our trip was meeting up with a fellow blogger who lives and works in the city.
Her blog is Buttercup Counts her Blessings and it is a fitting name for this sweet, sweet lady!
We chatted and walked and thoroughly enjoyed her company. She was our guide as we strolled down the streets taking in the beautifully decorated windows and nighttime in the city.
So personable and down-to-earth, our conversations flowed freely and our blogging friendship grew to a real-life friendship.
Our experience in this city was so much grander thanks to Buttercup.
She knew just the right places to take us.
When we came to this window I couldn't help but to think of another blogger who does amazing paper cutting.  I had to snap these photos just for Snippety Gibbet.
One of the most beautiful places we saw was The Plaza.
It is stunning inside and out.
We finished our evening together at a cozy place where we enjoyed more conversation along with some warm beverages and of course, something sweet.
A perfect way to end the day.

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Beth said...

envy! My daughter lives there...I miss her..I love the city... we are MNsotans so NYC is a big jump for us...but she is able to show us some great places... Sounds like a delightful trip!

faith hope love ღ said...

wow..how great i love new york city went several times with my mom .nice that you had a great time..the pictures of the decorations are beautiful! thanks for sharing...loves soraya

Sue said...

A very beautiful, and fun getaway for sure. Love the Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing.


Oh how I wish I was there in my home town going to the Rockets Christmas Show. You look so pretty and so happy. You two had a wonderful time for sure with all the glitter only NY has this time of year. How nice you met a blog pal too. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, FABBY

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing all this, loved it! Made me miss it, we took our two youngest daughters there and stayed for a week at Christmas time. What an awesome place! Our train, got stuck in 3 feet of snow..long but good story. You are just too beautiful my friend! ;D

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Oh what fun. There's no place like NY at Christmas. We were there two years ago living in Astoria and I sure miss it. Radio City is awesome with the living nativity. Thanks for sharing your fun day and new friend with me!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful city!
I hope someday I can go and walk around all those places.
Love from Spain.

Sandy said...

I have been to upstate New York where my dear husband was born and raised but never into the city. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures! I really enjoyed them and consider this my little trip to the city--for now!

Ann said...

The closest I've ever gotten to NYC at Christmas time (or any time for that matter) is seeing it on tv. How fabulous that would have been. I think it would have made me feel like I was in an episode of lifestyles of the rich and famous....lol What can I say, I live in a small town and don't get out much

Maple Lane said...

What delightful photos and how super to meet Buttercup! I love her blog also.
Thank you for sharing all the colorful and festive decorations.

podso said...

You certainly did well sharing your weekend with us in photo and word. What a wonderful memory you made! And it does really make me miss that city! Especially at Christmas.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a beautiful thing to do!!! Love all the pictures. NYC is beautiful during Christmas time. Seeing the picture of the Empire State Building reminds me of when I use to work there for many years. I shared my office with another worker and our desks were facing the door but the view out my window was the most spectacular that I had to turn my desk around and be right under the window looking downtown with those beautiful Twin Towers. Memories! Glad you had a nice trip! Enjoy your weekend!

Janice said...

I have never had any urge to go to NY until now! You make it sound so appealing, although I suspect my husband would also balk at the hiked prices! What a lovely break for you both, thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs.

lindsey said...

What an amazing trip, our daughter used to work for Metro Ministries in Brooklyn so we often visited from the UK....we love NYC!!!! I am just going to visit your friends blog now.

Julie said...

What a lovely trip! I've never been to NYC at the holidays! Beautiful pictures, as always.

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Wow..I am so jealous! I have dying to return back to NYC. I just love it there, feels so magical during Christmas time!
I am having a giveaway on my blog and would love to see you enter!

Donna said...

What a grand trip! I would be dreaming about all the dazzling lights and decorates for a long, long time!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm so glad your enjoyed your visit to the city! It is true that some restaurants raise prices during the holiday season as they have to hire more workers to handle the rush. I always double check the menu on the window to see if that has been done, before I enter. It could also be Rolf's web site isn't up to date :( I'm glad you enjoyed Rolf's "over the top" holiday decorations, however. It gets even more crowded and noisier as the season gets closer to Christmas and it is almost impossible to get a reservation.

The Radio City Hall Christmas show looked as beautiful as always, and so did your photos of The Plaza.

Glad you were able to meet Buttercup! I met her once and we went on a fun shopping spree in a new Manhattan HomeGoods store. :)

Susan said...

Oh, LDH, that looked like SO much fun. Gorgeous photos, too. And you got to meet a fellow blogger in person! Sounds like an all time fabulous day. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Maryann said...

It has been many years since we have been to NYC during the holidays, many nice memories. Pictures are wonderful

Shelia said...

Oh, my, what a wonderful trip you must have had! I love NYC! I've never seen it at Christmas time and I'm drooling! The restaurant sounds totally awesome! You and your hubby make such a handsome couple! You're just so beautiful! How nice to meet up with a blogging friend too!
Chloe Dawn says, thank you.
Be a sweetie,
Shelai ;)

Danice said...

Gotta love New York during the holidays. Simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this trip with us all :)

Pondside said...

Now that's a dream of a pre-Christmas holiday trip! I enjoyed your photos, especially of the restaurant decorations - really over the top, but then, that's alright for this time of year. Thanks for taking us along!

Tink said...

What a wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures they were so beautiful. You both look like you had a really nice time. Tis the Season <3 Tink

Teagarden said...

What a wonderful night!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

New York is awesome during the holidays! You got such beautiful shots of how festive it is.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

The decorations in New York City are so beautiful! What a wonderful getaway!

Snippety Gibbet said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! How totally cool is that! Thanks for sharing the paper cutting photos. They were amazing. And inspiring. I need to do some big paper cutting for a school display.

I am sooOOooOOOOooOooOooo jealous!!!!!! Christmas time is my favorite time to go to NYC. And it looks like you all had a great trip.


Buttercup said...

Lorraine, what a fun post. So enjoyed "seeing" our evening. Just did my post -- got back from Connecticut earlier this evening. I had the best time visiting with you and John and thanks for all of your thoughtfulness. The biscotti were completely yummy. Hugs and happy wishes to you and John.

Marydon said...

Our mutual friend, Carol, is a wonderful lady. So glad you both got to meet & have a wonderful visit.

You captured NYC so beautifully. Love it during the Christmas season.

Hope you have a lovely week ~

Pop over for our GIVEAWAY

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Greetings, I am over from Buttercup's blog! She said you came in from Jersey and enjoyed sight-seeing with her. I'm a born-and-bred Brooklyn NY'er and I miss the city so much. You took GREAT photos. I'm in CT now and haven't been back to Manhattan for "Xmas visiting and window shopping" for a few years, so you brought back good memories. And BAD memories too, of the restaurants "jacking up" the prices during the Holidays!! But it's something we have to put up with, I guess. Anyway, it is a pleasure meeting you and I am now your newest Follower. ;)
Have a wonderful Christmas in NJ!

Vee said...

For just a moment I thought I was reading Mille Fiori Favoriti! What a lovely weekend you and your husband enjoyed. Thank you for all the pictures that really show off what you were seeing. Someday I'm going to make it to the Rockettes' show, I hope!

eileeninmd said...

What a fun time to visit NYC. It is a beautiful place to visit and see all the decorations. How nice to meet up with a blogger friend! The photos of you and your hubby and Buttercup are just lovely. Thanks for sharing your trip. Your photos are wonderful. I hope you have a great week ahead.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Back in the late 60's and early
70's I used to fly into New York City often, but never got to do this. It looks like it would have been amazing and your images shared are all so very lovely~

Theresa said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! I am stopping by from Buttercup Counts her Blessings:) Loved taking this trip in the city thru your pictures! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

d~ said...

New Your at Christmas...beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Ingmarie We said...

You have a such a fine blog. And this was just a fantastic post with wonderful photos.

Leslie's Garden said...

Wonderful trip, I felt like I took the trip too! Thanks for all the lovely photos. What a beautiful city!

Traci said...

What a fun trip! The decorations are gorgeous! I can't believe the entrees were $9 more each. That's crazy!

Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful pictures of New York, I have only been there once and was amazed. Would like to see it at Christmas time. Also wondering what program you are using to create your mosaics. Please drop me a line to let me know. Thanks so much.


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