With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Hall Autumn Leaf Pottery

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hall Autumn Leaf Pottery

After emptying my mom's home, John and I have determined to downsize in our own home, keeping just what we use and enjoy.  Bringing containers out of our storage brought to light these familiar pieces I began collecting many years ago.
This Autumn Leaf pattern was produced by the
Hall Company in Liverpool, Ohio.

Unwrapping each piece I noticed the date of 1991 on the newspaper protecting them.
They have been packed away a long time!
Though the colors never really matched my decor, they do look nice for this time of year.
Lots will go but these pieces will be kept and used each autumn season.
Hall China Co.’s Manufacturing Process

Founded in 1903 by Robert Hall, the company based in Liverpool, Ohio started with institutional products for hospitals. The son, Robert Taggart Hall, took over the business after his father’s death and immediately put all of his efforts into a new, single fire development process. The basis of the technique actually developed during the Ming Dynasty in the mid-16th century but Hall’s process used contemporary equipment. The advantage of single firing allowed a fusion of the basic material, the color and glaze all fired at a temperature of 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The result was a strong product that resisted crazing and was non porous.
Another added bonus (as we know it today) is the lead free quality of the china. Because lead could not be processed at the high temperatures, the element was excluded from all of the kitchenware. An early environmentally correct process developed unintentionally. source

One of the easier patterns to find today is the “Autumn Leaf” pattern, a distinctive look with a cream colored background and orange, rust and tan leaves and flowers. These pieces were designed to be collected by housewives throughout the country and include a full range of dishes, serving pieces and accessories. source
Hall China Markings
Fortunately for collectors, the Hall China Co. used a clear and legible method to mark their wares. Some variations are found but typically the word “HALL” will always appear on the underside of each piece. Additional markings may include “Superior Quality Kitchenware” and “Made in U.S.A.” source
Hall Teapots Stole the Show

From about 1910 until the early 1940s, teapots were the rage. The Hall China Co. responded by creating a large line of interesting shapes and colors. An Aladdin shaped teapot was a popular item and was available in cobalt blue, yellow, magenta and other rich colors. Some of the teapots and coffee pots were trimmed with gold or embellished with metallic highlights. For collectors of vintage Hall China pieces, the distinctive look of the teapots is easily identifiable and many pieces in good condition tend to be available in antique shops. source

Hall Co. Today
Hall China continues to operate in Liverpool and produces wares for food service and retail customers
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Sandy said...

It's a beautiful set and I can easily
see why you would want to keep it.
I did the same thing when my precious
mother passed away. I gave away many
things, hers and mine. I kept her
lovely white Noritake china that one
of my brothers sent to her when he
was in the service and stationed in
Japan. I treasure it now remembering
the joy it brought her and I can still
recall setting the dining table on
special occasions with that china
when I was a girl.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

And these were kept away in storage all these years?? They are absolutely beautiful!! I can see you wanting to keep these and use them during the fall season. They're beautiful. I hope going through all the many items in your mom's house is bringing you happy memories! Enjoy your day!

Kristina said...

What treasure to have, and to use.

Maryann said...

These are really pretty and perfect for this time of year(Definate keepers)My husband and I are also in a purging mood, its almost as if the stuff I have stored is weighing me down. Cleaning out someone elses home can be an eye opener.

Snap said...

Memories!!! My mother had bits and pieces of Halls Autumn Leaf. She used them almost everyday. I have one piece left ... a covered casserole that was my granny's. They are perfect for this time of year. Enjoy them!

Lisa said...

What a GORGEOUS set!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I LOVE this set...Perfect for this time of year! (or anytime really) We are doing the whole cleaning things out, getting rid of excess thing too. Such a good feeling. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

Maple Lane said...

These dishes are perfect for this time of year. I noticed one piece in an earlier post of yours and wondered about it!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I have a few pieces of Autumn leaf put away in the attic. Such a shame...I think I'll pull down a few boxes and see if I can locate it. Yours is beautitful. I adore that "I dream of Jeanie" teapot.

I have been thinking about the "junk" I will be leaving my girls to clear out. As soon as the holidays are over we will begin our purge here, too. Have a wonderful weekend. Patty

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

These dishes will be a special to your family for years to come. I'm so glad you chose to keep them and am looking forward to a pretty tablescape from you! AND your pumpkin bars look divine Lorraine!

Cindy said...

I have this same set also. We called it Jewel-T. I inherited it from my Mema. When we finally made the decision to move out of our home and into our 5th wheel..I divided the set up with my 4 girls.
My son will get my set down the road.
I use it for Fall-Thanksgiving only. My Mema said they collected it thru getting gas at the gas stations. Boy I wish we would get something for gas now...lol

Thanks for sharing your set..I had forgot to take a picture of the complete set I had. Too late now.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Jeane` said...

What beautiful China! I have a weakness for finding vintage pieces, even if just one or two, at Goodwill or other second-hand places. I'll eagerly come home and research the markings on the back to see if they are of any value. This set is absolutely gorgeous!

Julie Harward said...

A lovely set of dishes...we are downsizing too, it's a good thing! ;D

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful collection of Hall China! You must have a very complete set. The sugar & creamer are especially sweet. We visited Hall China in Ohio a couple of times on our trips to the Homer Laughlln outlet. They are fairly close together.

Oh, I see your Pinterest button. I'm going to go and have fun looking. I hope you'll visit my board too. I've had a ton of fun with Pinterest!

Thank you for your encouraging comment about my testimony post. That is my prayer too, that someone will open their hearts to the Lord. He is calling them, through us... but time is flying by.

Back to Pinterest, did you like that hanging bed on the porch? I wish I had room for one of those. It must be so relaxing. Have a great day, Maggie

Beth said...

What a lovely set of dishes! You're so lucky to have a special set to pull out every autumn.

Lady Farmer said...

Your Hall china 'Autumn Leaf' is perfect! What a treasure to cherish and bring sweet memories each season as it is brought out!
Sweet Autumn Blessings to you!

Paula {Salad in a Jar} said...

Funny....cleaning out my parent's apartment did the same thing to me. I really don't want to put my kids through that some day. But the china IS beautiful.

Ann said...

That is a lovely set and perfect for fall. What a great treasure you found right there in your own home

podso said...

I once entered upon an antique shop with a room decorated with black and white tile flooring, and vintage kitchen cabinets, etc. and all things HALL. That began my love of Hall pottery. I collect hall creamers with, yes, the hall stamp on the bottom If you look at my sidebar you will see them on a little shelf. They are fun to look for when we wander through antique shops. We rarely buy things, but there is always a thrill to the hunt (and it;s not easy to find a hall creamer.) Your dishes are perfect for fall. I like seeing the dates and the "news" on/in newsprint used for wrapping!

Cindy said...

These are beautiful and I think my Mom used to have a set of this pattern! I love them...thanks for sharing!

Dayle said...

Perfect for this season, yes. I have the first set of dishes that were given to me and The Man by a friend for a wedding gift. They aren't anything fancy, but bear the colors of autumn (which apparently was popular in 1980). I enjoy using them during the fall.

I'm so a fan of downsizing, as well. Whenever I look at my parents' home, and all of the things it holds, it makes me shudder a little bit, thinking of a day when the children will have to sort through and make decisions. It makes me realize that I need to go through my things while I am healthy.

Susan said...

Hello Dear LDH....The china is perfect for fall. My Grandma (Mom's mother), had a pattern very similar...it might even be the same one!

When I think of downsizing, I get the willies. I'm NOT GOOD at weeding out and throwing out. Not good at all.

I know we are not supposed to have worldly attacments but, well, guess I do. Sad but true.

Take care, susan

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a beautiful set of china to unwrap. Somehow, I think that you could make any set of china look good on your tablescapes, and this is no exception. I like the colors, especially with the mums you have with them. Will you unwrap some more collections for us?

Patti said...

I have a few pieces of Hall, but I have never seen this beautiful pattern - just lovely!

Mary said...

I have a few pieces of this pattern and I always display and use it every fall. It's perfect!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Lorraine, I linked YOUR recipe for your apple packages on my post because I love how your recipe uses the orange! And no additional "soda" to add even more calories! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!

corners of my life said...

Such a charming vintage look.

Sarah said...

Your post took me back to my childhood. One of my aunts had a set of these dishes. I always loved the falling leaves. Makes me smile to see your set of dishes. Glad you decided to keep them to enjoy each fall season. ~ Sarah

soraya3 ღ said...

its beautiful friend! i just love it! thanks for sharing...loves soraya

Maggie Ann said...

Just popped over to say goodmorning! I'm trying to get over a virus, and I thought it was going away till I woke up with a sort ofcold?? Anyway, its not too bad, we will go for groceries soon. Hopefully =).

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a beautiful set of dishes for this time of year. I have way too many dishes in my attic and should scale back too.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Lorraine,
So nice to meet you here in blogland,
and what a lovely blog you have, I also have enjoyed my vist with you.
So sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom but so glad to hear she knows the Lord and is with Him! What a blessing that is to your family and those that loved her.
Lovely fall dishes, necklace, and good looking chicken and dumplings,
love that....one of my favs.
We also have a child we sponser thru feed the children, he is from Ethiopia. And Congratulations on the new coming Grandchild, I assume!!
Hope to visit with you more often,
Blessings for a wonderful Sunday,

Chris said...

Hi Lorraine, what a beautiful set of dishes. They are definitely keepers. I have found and am following you through My Romantic Home and hope to visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you could follow me also. I would like that. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Adrienne said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful Autumn - or Thanksgiving - table you could set.

Maple Lane said...

I recognized this pattern as being yours in an antique store yesterday. I photographed and posted about a cube tea pot today. I had never seen one before!

Suzy said...

I have the teapot and a few small pieces from a Great Aunt....you have quite a large collection!


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