With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Fresh Flower Ice-Cream Sundae Craft Project

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fresh Flower Ice-Cream Sundae Craft Project

My dear friend, Susan told me about something she made at a Flower Camp she attended with another friend. I was looking for a craft project to make with the kids for a garden themed birthday party I was planning for my granddaughter and her friends and cousins. This sweet fresh flower ice-cream sundae arrangement was a perfect craft project for little girls!

Cute, huh! And just the kind of project that turns out well for kids giving them a sense of accomplishment without being too difficult or boring. It isn't a messy project and nothing that might stain or ruin their clothing or surroundings.

With a little prep work ahead of time, the project goes smoothly and does not take a long time to complete. I had the Oasis foam cut to size for the ice-cream shaped vases and the flowers trimmed to the right length, sitting in containers ready for "picking."

Because the glass is clear and I didn't want the oasis to show, I had pre-cut pieces of white plastic, cut from the bags you get when shopping. It was free and worked for what I needed. Older kids could add the plastic and then inset the foam themselves.  Littler one might benefit if this step is already done for them.
If you have pitchers of water ready, bigger kids can pour the water into their vase. If you think it easier for the littler ones, have the foam wet already.

 Let each child pick their flowers and insert each stem into the oasis foam. A little instruction about placement and they catch on quickly creating their sundaes. Ruffly carnations are ideal for the look of scoops of ice-cream in this project but they were not available this day. As you can see, the mums worked well.
 They were intent on their creations and enjoyed the process.
 Little red pom-poms could be used for the cherry on top, but we gathered bright red flower blossoms from my window boxes.

 Even the little ones did a great job.

sweet cousin, Brenna

Pretending to sip their Ice Cream Sundae's, the girls later took them home as favors and were able to enjoy their pretty flower arrangements for many more days.

Here is the list of supplies you will want to gather to make
Fresh Flower Ice-Cream Sundaes

  • Ice-cream vase or something similar
  • Bend-y straws 
  • Floral foam for fresh flowers (pre-cut and pre-moistened if needed) Another option is to fill the vases with those little floral marbles/beads
  • Bunches of flowers like carnations or Mums ( pre-snipped the stems to about 4-inches long and had the foam in each glass.  I could have let the kids do this themselves but for the sake of time and the littler ones, I did it ahead.
  • Little red flowers (or tiny pom-pom's) for the cherry on top (I snipped red impatients from my kitchen window box)
  • Squares of white plastic so the green floral foam doesn't show through the clear glass (I cut white WM bags) I would double this next time.
  • water
  • Scissors and garden clippers

NOTE: We didn't do this for the birthday party craft, but my friend said they lined the top edge of the cup/vase with green leaves before adding the carnations. I'm sure that would look pretty too.

Here is the birthday girl! Oh, Keri, with the dark brown eyes ~  Mom-Mom loves you!
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If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for decorations and food for a sweet girl's birthday party, check out Keri's Garden Themed Birthday Party.


Sandy said...

How adorable that is and those are
some beautiful girls there!

NanaDiana said...

Lorraine- What a darling idea for little girls. I love it and it is an idea I will probably "steal"...thanks- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I've never seen anything like these. The last pic of Keri is great!

Petra said...

Beautiful idea and totally non-fattening!

Tara said...

So fun! Pictures are great and captured it all. You are a great Mom-Mom!

Snap said...

What fun! All of the girls look so intent making their flower sodas! Keri, with the brown eyes, Mom-Mom certainly does love you!

Viv said...

haha too cute! what a fun project for the girls, i know i would've loved this activity as a kid too (and even know i suppose haha)
love the photos with the girls sucking on the straws or their 'sundae' haha!

Really Rainey said...

Oh I just love this idea! You have SO inspired me! Thanks so much!

Rainey @ The Project Table

Just a little something from Judy said...

A beautiful, low calorie dessert...how clever! Love the smiles on the little one's faces as they create. Great idea! I may copy this.


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