With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Flower Ice-Cream Sundae

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flower Ice-Cream Sundae

My, dear friend, Susan told me about something she made at a Flower Camp she attended with a friend. I was looking for a craft project to make with the kids at Keri's birthday party and this sounded perfect!
Cute, huh!
*Ice-cream dish (I found ice-cream cone glasses at Christmas Tree Shoppe for 50c each)

*Bend-y straws (Abbey bought from Friendly's for $3.00 for 15 of them)

*Floral foam for fresh flowers (AC Moore doesn't carry it so we went to a local florist.  $1.50 a block.  I cut    six squares from each block that filled 6 glasses).  I pre-moistened the foam in each glass.

* 2 Bunches Mums from Produce Junction ($2.00 per bunch) Carnations were what Susan used but they were $5.00 for a smaller bunch and I thought these would work just as well). I pre-snipped the stems to about 4-inches long and had the foam in each glass.  I could have let the kids do this themselves but for the sake of time and the littler ones, I did it ahead.

*Little red flowers for the cherry on top (I snipped red impatients from my kitchen window box)

* Squares of white plastic so the green floral foam doesn't show through the clear glass (I cut white WM bags) I would double this next time.


*Scissors and garden clippers

NOTE: Susan said they lined the top edge of the cup with green leaves before adding the carnations. I didn't do this with the girls.

Oh, Keri, with the dark brown eyes ~  Mom-Mom loves you!


Sandy said...

How adorable that is and those are
some beautiful girls there!

NanaDiana said...

Lorraine- What a darling idea for little girls. I love it and it is an idea I will probably "steal"...thanks- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I've never seen anything like these. The last pic of Keri is great!

Petra said...

Beautiful idea and totally non-fattening!

Tara said...

So fun! Pictures are great and captured it all. You are a great Mom-Mom!

Snap said...

What fun! All of the girls look so intent making their flower sodas! Keri, with the brown eyes, Mom-Mom certainly does love you!

Viv said...

haha too cute! what a fun project for the girls, i know i would've loved this activity as a kid too (and even know i suppose haha)
love the photos with the girls sucking on the straws or their 'sundae' haha!

Really Rainey said...

Oh I just love this idea! You have SO inspired me! Thanks so much!

Rainey @ The Project Table

Just a little something from Judy said...

A beautiful, low calorie dessert...how clever! Love the smiles on the little one's faces as they create. Great idea! I may copy this.


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