With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: A perfect Evening

Friday, May 27, 2011

A perfect Evening

Ever since Aldara told us her mother would be visiting the Unites States from Spain we were looking forward to meeting her.  Last night we had the honor of having Nini join us for dinner and a wonderful evening getting to know one another. She is just as nice and sweet as we expected she would be!
After dinner, we strolled around the yard discussing flowers indigenous to both America and Spain.
Flowers have no language barrier and bring joy to people across the globe.
  We sat on the patio long into the night as we enjoyed dessert and talked about everything from gardening to politics around the world.  We wearied Aldara as she translated back and forth but it is amazing how much we were able to understand just from listening carefully and through gesturing.
It was a perfect evening!  These gorgeous red roses were a gift from Nini as was the abanico (a handpainted fan)

Aldara explained that Spanish woman  everywhere use these fans for many occasions.  The hand fan is not just a decoration but a trade mark of Spain and an important accessory.  They are quite effective when air conditioning is not available.


Shirley said...

Wonderful picture of all you lovely ladies. It must have been a joyful evening getting to know each other. That fan is so beautiful. I can see all the lovely ladies waving their fans as they continue to go along with the day's events. Very nice.

Sue said...

A special "Welcome" to Nini. Your gifts are beautiful, and yes, flowers seem to have no language barrier.
Enjoy our weekend.

Lynne said...

I love the way the fan is displayed on the little stand. I was given a beautiful hand painted fan a couple of years ago and have been storing it carefully in a drawer because I didn't know how to display it and didn't want it to be damaged. I will be going out to find a small stand for it now. Thank you.

Mildred said...

How very special to have Nini visit with you and enjoy the garden with. The fan and roses are stunning. Lovely pictures of your time together and I love your necklace!

Ann said...

It sounds like a lovely evening. Your pictures are just gorgeous and what a special gift that was. the fan is gorgeous.

Lady Farmer said...

How nice to get to meet Aldara's mother and share some time with them together! What lovely memories for all!
Oh the fan and roses are just so lovely together ~ such a pretty gift!

Lallee said...

What a sweet visit! The fan is beautiful. I had such fun playing with fans when I was little. I loved snapping them open dramatically like I was some special lady ;-) We should bring them back in to style!


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