With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Happy Birthday, Silas!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Silas!

5 Years old
 and a passion for hockey!
Before tossing an old table-top hockey game, I pulled off the figures.
Perfect for cake toppers!
Frosting recipe below

We ALL played Pin-the-tail-on-the Donkey before
singing Happy Birthday.
Keri's sweetly watching her brother
 Silas's expression when he saw his face as a Stanley Cup Champ

 Pop-Pop sharing his cake with Cambrie
Brothers talking hockey strategy
A gift from Aunt Abbey (Silas's other passion)
 Dear Boy!
 Sad faces watching their beloved Flyers ending their season.
Silas, Josh with Caleb, Josh's dad Albert and my John
Joel (Josh's youngest brother) Jared and Keri Jill practicing at the piano
Butter Cream Frosting
2 lbs. confectioners sugar
1/2 cup (1 stick) softened butter
pinch salt
about 10 Tablespoons milk or cream (depending on desired consistency)
3 tsp vanilla

Combine all of the ingredients and beat until smooth and creamy.
Add food coloring if desired


Vivienne said...

i like silas' expression when he saw his face as the champ!! priceless :) what a blessed boy showered with love and presents on his special day!

NanaDiana said...

Lorraine- What a beautiful child. He has the most gorgeous eyes! What a precious, precious age-not a baby anymore but not quite a "big boy" yet- It is one of my favorite ages. Perfect cake for him...love the figureines-great thought to save them for re-use. I know you will be having a wonderful Mother's Day! xxoo Diana

Mildred said...

What a sweet birthday boy. The cake is just perfect for him!

I wish each of you a very happy Mother's Day weekend.

Buttercup said...

The pictures are great. What a terrific celebration. Happy birthday, Silas!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Happy Birthday to Silas, looks like an awesome celebration!
You have such gorgeous grandkids :)

Tracy said...

AWWWW, Happy Birthday to Silas...you did a fantastic job on the cake; love the idea!
and I feel for you guys since our beloved Hurricanes were out long ago, in fact didn't even make it to the play-offs so I feel for you!
Have a super weekend!

Garden Lady said...

Love the pictures, Silas has the most beautiful eyes! The cake was a winner, love the use of the old game pieces, such a great idea.

Janice said...

Happy Birthday Silas - great cake!

Susan said...

Hi LDH. What a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Karen said...

He will always remember this special birthday! Blessings

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Silas! What a cute boy! I'll be trying your frosting real soon. Sounds and looks yummy! :-)

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Silas. Looks like a fun celebration. Cute cake too. very clever using the pieces from the old game.

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Silas,
I watched the games..I'm sorry your team lost! I wont throw salt on the wound as you are a young boy and I'm a hockey fan..so I will just say hang in there..tomorrow is almost here,,

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Precious, precious...what a wonderful day, and age 5 is just so much fun!

Happy Mother's Day

Life In a Little House said...

Oh how Sweet and a Very Happy Birthday to Silas~ beautiful pictures you really captured his personality in them ~Happy Mothers Day Love Heather

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Silas! What a fun celebration!

Happy Mothers Day! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Sue said...

Oh! how adorable Silas is, sending beautiful birthday wishes to him. Beautiful photos, and wonderful memories.
Wishing you a most blessed and happy Mother's day. LDH.

marie said...

That is the sweetest face - the first photo is beautiful and the look of surprise when he received his Stanley Cup photo is priceless!

We love hockey at our house too - but we've been Detroit Red Wing fans for years and years! Maybe Silas could cheer them on now that the Flyers are taking a little break!

Your family is one of the most beautiful families I've ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Laurie said...

I enjoyed all of the photos of Silas' birthday and the rest of the family that day. What a handsome boy he is - 5 is such a fun age!

Rena MBD said...

Witam serdecznie - macie piękną rodzinę i świetną koszulkę ma ten chłopiec :
Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul
and with all yuor mind
and with all your strength
POzdrawiam z Polski ...


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