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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Festive Evening!

Last night, we attended a wonderful Christmas Party hosted by the company John works for.  It was our first time at this annual event as he has had this job just since February.
Now I can put faces with names that I hear John talk about.  What a great group of people!

and... how special to spend this evening with my sweetheart!
I love this guy!
Our Sweet, Spanish guest, Aldara, attended too as she is interning with the company for ten months!
Such a pretty smile! 

Friday, December 17, 2010


I spent a few minutes today, away from the busyness of the season to cut a sweet Nativity.
It only took a few minutes.
I planned to double-mat it to a 5x7 but had this 5-inch frame that complimented the simplicity of the cutting.
Pattern graciously shared by Cindy @Scherenschnitte
Thank you, Cindy!
 All that is needed is a cutting mat, X-acto knife and a pattern.

*Print your pattern (or trace a pattern onto paper) 

*Using a cutting mat under your work, begin by cutting away the smallest, inner areas of the design with scissors/X-acto knife.

*Continue cutting away on the outer lines

*Place the finished design on a piece of background paper and secure it with adhesive.

*Frame as desired

Thursday, December 16, 2010

German Star Winner is...

Lady Farmer!
My very sweet blogging friend with several delightful blogs who was one of my first followers and left the first comment on this giveaway post.  How fun that the number 1 was chosen by Random Number Generator!

What a joy it has been to be blogging for two years and meet so many terrific friends!
I have been astonished at the response to my German Star Tutorial!  It is by far my most popular post.

Here are a couple of stats since I first posted it last year:
This staggering number is total number of times someone has viewed this post as of this morning.
The above number is just for pageviews for December 2010.  Amazing!

I know I have enjoyed making these pretty paper stars and I imagine many of you have too.
I would love to know if you have made some stars too ~ please leave a comment if you have!

Thank you all for being my friend!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter White, Christmas Home Tour & Christmas Tree Party

Joining several parties in one post!
The first one is Kathleen's Winter White Event Celebrations @Cuisine Kathleen!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Letter Signs

Here are two Christmas gift projects I just finished.  One for AJ, our Mustang loving, drag car racer and the other one for our daughter, Jamie.
I started by snapping pictures in AJ's meticulously organized garage looking for letters or items that worked so I could spell out MUSTANG.  I cropped the photo's in photoshop, converted to a black and white image and ordered prints.
Here is a shot of AJ in his beloved mustang.
 After calculating the length of board needed, John cut the board and I sanded and painted it black.  Rubbing off some of the paint with sandpaper softened the stark black.

Carefully aligning each photo evenly, I taped (I didn't have it but double sided tape would probably work well) and glued them down.  I actually think the tape worked better getting the edges flush.

The next day, using a sponge brush, I applied polyurethane. 
To add a more masculine look, I attached hex head zinc screws on each of the four corners.
To finish, I cut a brown paper bag and folded to fit the back.  A paper stapler is strong enough to go through the pine board. (oops, I see I need one more staple there)
Not shown in this photo, John added two saw-tooth hangers to the back for hanging.
 For Jamie, I searched for items that would form the letters of her last name. To match  her decor, I painted the board a light tan and then used some brown acrylic paint to antique lightly.  This time the photo's were printed in sepia.
I searched scrap-booking stickers for ideas for the edges but just couldn't find what I like for what I wanted (rather didn't want) to pay.  I bought a little paper punch to make tiny flowers.  Then gold head tacks for the centers that I found at Lowe's.  I liked the way it was looking... but maybe one more thing.
A little hard to see here, but I added drawer handles on each side of the board.  The added detail gives a more finished look.  They were extra from our kitchen re-do and had a bright gold finish.  I coated with a mix of brown and black acrylic paint and then a coat of Mod Podge to seal.
All done and ready for gift-giving.

I want to thank Kim @Starshine Chic for her post that inspired this project.

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Happy Birthday Wishes, Rebecca!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living Nativity

Step back in time with me as I walk through a Living Nativity...


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