With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Received this fun video from a friend and thought I would pass it along...

Thank you, Marcia!  Looking forward to seeing you soon ~


Ann said...

that is fun. whoever put that together did a great job

Stephen Baird said...

merry Christmas LDH,
may you have the best Christmas ever with your family. it's awesome that strangers like us will be able to meet one day at His feet. what glory that will be.
nikonsniper steve

marie said...

Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Ditto to what Stephen said. What a glorious day indeed!!

Valerie said...

Lorraine -
Wishing you the blessings of love and joy in your home as you celebrate the amazing gift of God!

Thanks for being a wonderful blessing thru the past year with your blog. You inspire and motivate and encourage me!

Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

I REALLY ENJOYED THIS! Hope you're having a grand time at your house! My son Cameron made his first pumpkin pie and it is delicious!


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