With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Philly with Family

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Philly with Family

Saturday morning we all bundled up and met at the Speedline to take the train into Philly.

Off at 8th and Market...
Our first stop was to see the Holiday Light Show ending with a concert on the Wanamaker Organ at Macy's Philadelphia. It has been a Christmas tradition since 1956. I have been visiting since I was born and have delighted taking my children and now grandchildren to enjoy a family tradition for so many.
 Little people and big people fill all the floors of the gorgeous building to get a peek at the Light Show.

Here are a few facts copied from the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ site.  It has great information, facts and photos if you'd like to learn more.
The Holiday Light Show:
Fun Facts and Figures
Past and Present
There are 34,500 LED lights on the Macy’s Magic Christmas Tree in six colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and cool white, which breaks down to about 5,750 lights in each color. It is topped by a red Moravian (or Advent) star. The lights on the tree, the snowflakes, and the snowmen are dimmable.
The rest of the light show has about 65,000 LED lights (the Parade studio attempted to do an actual count, but found it impractical to finish). Colors include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, warm white, and cool white. The LEDs use 90 percent less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs (which were from 5 to 7 watts per bulb in the old show). LED colors are purer than incandescent colors, and cameras sometimes have difficulty capturing the violet and white shades.

The vertical strands have four steady LED colors: red, purple, blue and green. They also have two incandescent blinking colors: blue and white. These blinkers are still incandescent because the blink is in the bulb and is not controlled by the computer. LEDs are not developed enough yet to handle blinking.
The old Wanamaker tree contained an estimated 23,500 lights, many custom-tinted just for the Show in shades of pink and purple, and the figures contained 29,000 bulbs. The show was fed by 1200 amps.
After the Light Show we headed to the 3rd floor to see the Dickens Village.
Macy’s acquired the Dickens Christmas Village from Philadelphia’s Strawbridge & Clothier Department Store. Numerous animated figures depict scenes in Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol” (1843).
Waiting in line provided photo opportunities (as if we really needed photo opportunities!)
And a stop to see Santa on the way out.
A pit stop to fill some empty tummies and lots more walking to the playground at Franklin Square.
The cold and wind didn't stop all the spinning, twirling, running, swinging, climbing and laughing.

Another long walk back to the station to board the trains homeward with plans for a warm, cozy evening in front of the fireplace eating something that is also a Philly tradition.... Cheesesteaks!  Jill and Brad always try to include them as one meal during their visits because even though they have them in up-state NY, they just aren't the same.  We also wanted Aldara to experience these wonderful sandwiches too.  Her opinion... two thumbs up and "I like!"
 Baths done, PJs on, fire going and Pop-Pop controlling the remote, we are ready for...
 A Christmas Carol
(my tied-with-first favorite Christmas Movie.  The other one is
A Muppet's Christmas Carol)


Mildred said...

These photos are great and I enjoyed sharing the festivities with you all. I especially love the Santa photos! Enjoy your Sunday.

hip-chick said...

Oh wow! What a fun day. We used to do something similar to the Dicken's Christmas in Boston. And, we always saw Santa on the way out.
Looks like you had a wonderful day and a very nice evening as well.

Deb said...

I want to live with you guys :)

Julie said...

What a wonderful, wonderful family day! Your post made me smile!

Susan said...

Dear LDH...Wonderful photos of activities in a wonderful day! I think you are an outstanding photographer. Looks like you all had a fabulous start to the holidays. Looked like SO MUCH FUN! Thanks so much for sharing your special day. Susan

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a wonderful day! I enjoyed your day in pictures.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Ann said...

what a fun and festive family tradition. I would love to see that Dickens Village. I've always loved A Christmas Carol.

NanaDiana said...

Lorraine-What a wonderful, and beautiful, family you have. I enjoyed looking at all those precious faces. There is nothing more special than family at Christmas time. I love that movie and It's A Wonderful Life at Christmas time. hugs- Diana

Leann said...

What a great tradition. I love that you were all together!!! We took our sons to the show when they were small.

Enjoy the season!

crochet lady said...

How wonderful to have a great family tradition like that and be able to share it with your children and grandchildren....such special times I am sure.

Laurie said...

What a wonderful, magical time together! It is such a blessing to have traditions passed down from generation to generation. These are memories the little ones and grownups will remember and cherish. You have warmed my day!

marie said...

Making memories! Your family does that in such a beautifl way!
I've never been to Philadelphia. I'm missing out!
Looks like you had an awesome time!


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