With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday to my precious, Abbey!
Looking forward to spending the whole day together just celebrating
Abbey's 1st Birthday ~ Born September 28, 1991
Here is a page from Abbey's baby book highlighting her 1st birthday.
It includes a prayer from a little pamphlet titled Dad, We Really Need You that Dr. James Dobson and his wife, Shirley prayed for their children and one that I have been compelled to pray for my own children through the years. I think it was published in 1980.  Notice, I have inserted Abbey's name in this prayer.

You can double click on the photo above to read or read below.

Excerpt of Dr. Dobson's pamphlet:

...The second concept in my dad's letter was the one that ended my parental complacency. He helped me realize that it is possible for mothers and fathers to love and revere God while systematically losing their children. You can go to church three times a week, serve on its governing board, attend the annual picnic, pay your tithes and make all the approved religious noises, yet somehow fail to communicate the real meaning of Christianity to the next generation.
This mission of introducing one's children to the Christian faith can be likened to a three-man relay race. First, your father runs his lap around the track, carrying the baton, which represents the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the appropriate moment, he hands the baton to you, and you begin your journey around the track. Then finally, the time will come when you must get the baton safely in the hands of your child. But as any track coach will testify, relay races are won or lost in the transfer of the baton. There is a critical moment when all can be lost by a fumble or miscalculation. The baton is rarely dropped on the back side of the tract when the runner has it firmly in his grasp. If failure is to occur, it will likely happen in the exchange between generations!
According to the Christian values which govern my life, my most important reason for living is to get the baton--the gospel--safely in the hands of my children. Of course, I want to place it in as many other hands as possible, and I'm deeply devoted to the ministry to families that God has given me. Nevertheless, my number one responsibility is to evangelize my own children. In the words of my dad, everything else appears "pale and washed out" when compared with that fervent desire. Unless my son and daughter grasp the faith and take it with them around the track, it matters little how fast they run.
The urgency of this mission has taken Shirley and me to our knees since before the birth of our first child. That is why we find ourselves in prayer, week after week, uttering this familiar petition: 

Lord, here we are again. You know what we need even before we ask, but let us say it one more time. When You consider the many requests we have made of You through the years... regarding our health and my ministry and the welfare of our loved ones... please put this supplication at the top of the list: keep the circle of our little family unbroken when we stand before You on the Day of Judgment. Compensate for our mistakes and failures as parents, and counteract the influences of an evil world that would undermine the faith of our children. And especially, Lord, we ask for Your involvement when our son and daughter stand at the crossroads, deciding whether or not to walk the Christian path. They will be beyond our care at that moment, and we humbly ask You to be there. Send a significant friend or leader to help them choose the right direction. They were Yours before they were born, and now we give them back to You in faith, knowing that You love them even more than we do.
Sweet baby girl
Big sister, Erin (age 13) & baby Abbey 


Julie Harward said...

That is such a cute picture of her as a baby! And you as a young mommie. I think that is our ultimate goal too...to get it into their hearts as they are very young, a deep love for God and his son Jesus Christ. If they love them, they will jot go far wrong. :D

Snap said...

Happy Birthday, Abbey!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Cake and ice cream!!!???!!!!!

Mildred said...

Wishing Abbey a very happy birthday! The photos you have shared are precious. I love the prayer by Dr. Dobson also.

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Abbey! I hope your day is truly special (it sounds like you will be having a wonderful day with your sweet Mom! Enjoy!)

Blessings and best wishes,

NanaDiana said...

Happy birthday to your Abbey! What wonderful pictures of her and I love the last one with her sister! How precious is that!?!? She is a beautiful little girl and I'll bet you are looking forward to celebrating with excitment and just a bit of sadness at seeing her so close to leaving her teens. God bless this child-cuz she will always be a child to you! Hugs- Diana

marie said...

Thank you for sharing this prayer...I'm going to share it with my children so we pray it for the grandchildren now. It's wonderful!

To Abbey ~ Happy Birthday to you! I hope you and your mom had an excellent day!

Susan said...

OMG LDH. Abbey was the most adorable baby ever. That little face was a real heart-melter.Thanks for sharing your sweet memories. Susan

~~Deby said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Abbey....I hope your day was great...this is a precious post...

Ms. Bake-it said...

Happy Birthday, Abbey!!! I hope you have a truly blessed birthday!

What an adorable baby! I especially love the photo with her and Erin wearing pink glasses! Such sweet memories.

My baby turned 19 this year too. Where has all that time gone? It seemed to have flown by.

~ Tracy

Julie said...

What cute pictures! Hope it was a wonderful birthday celebration!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Oh if we could keep them little and safe forever. They grow up way too fast and even though we have plenty of time to prepare for it, it still seems to catch us off guard when we realize they've turned into adults OVER NIGHT. lol
I envy Dr. Dobson growing up in a Christian home with such wise fatherly advice. I only came to know my Lord 15 yrs ago and do not have any Godly family counsel to count on. But my husband and I are strong in our faith and we will work diligently on filling our daughters with Gods wisdom that we so desperately needed growing up. The Lord always steps in where our earthly parents fail us by bringing Godly people like you into our lives to gift us with something so special like what you have just shared in your post. Thank you So Much Lorraine for sharing your heart with us and giving me a fresh perspective on how to pray for my girls!

Big Hug!!!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Abbey. What a precious little one she was.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Abbey!

Snippety Gibbet said...

What a wonderful baby book you made! My daughter's is still .... well.... unfinished....at age 29. Argh. Something to work on, I guess.

Happy birthday, Miss Abbey. Go do something arty!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy birthday to Abbey! I hope she had a wonderful day! She was an adorable baby.

Thank you for sharing such a special prayer!

Dishesdone said...

How fast time flies! Happy Birthday to your Abby! Adorable baby :)

Dayle said...

The years ... how they fly. What a sweet baby girl.

crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! How blessed she is to have a praying mother.


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