With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Foyer Re-Do

Monday, August 2, 2010

Foyer Re-Do

I really loved it...
It was beautiful and looked just like the day I hung it...
...but it was time.
I wanted a new look.
(It is the last area of the house I hadn't re-done.)

I was hesitant because it's really high up there.
I wanted to do this for so long.
How happy I was that most of it came off like this.
Abbey and I removed (almost) all of the paper in less than two hours!
Fourteen years ago I had no problem climbing ladders and standing on scaffolding to hang this wallpaper way up in the stairwell.
Today, I'm not so brave.
I still have to tackle this lofty mess,
but look how much I have accomplished!
After stripping the wallpaper and scrubbing the walls, I have spackled and primed the walls, painted the walls and given all of the trim two fresh coats of paint.
A few years ago, we pulled off very worn and yucky carpet and hired someone to do the difficult job of removing the builders paint from the step treads.
We thought of replacing the steps with new treads but the way
this staircase was constructed it was not possible.
John added some molding and I planned on filling all of the
gaps and nail holes and painting them.
I had a vision of what I wanted the foyer to look like but had to wait until
the wallpaper could be removed.
Now I could proceed!
I spackled, I primed and I painted with a white semi-gloss to make them look like new.
At first I wanted numerals but made the decision to stencil a motif on each riser.
But something troubled me with this design.
It reminded me of... 

a peering man with a mustache!
Yup... there goes my crazy imagination again.

I couldn't live with twelve angry men looking at me each
time I went up the steps.

I covered this sinister fellow with primer and two more coats of semi-gloss paint.  Waited for it to dry, re-measured center and  stamped this...

Much better!
I mentioned to my daughter, Jamie that I wanted to replace the foyer mirror with a larger one that had a silver-ish frame.  She said she had a brand new one she bought for a new house that they decided not to purchase and that I could have it.  She got it from Home Goods for a whopping $15.00 because two of the corners are damaged.  It measures 41.5-inches x 31-inches.  Which means...

the sconces on the wall had to be moved further apart.
John did the electrical part and I did
priming, spackling and painting!
 Originally we had a large vent covering the cold-air in-take right in the foyer,
A few years ago John sealed it off and opened one in the family room where our fireplace insert is used.
He left the vent and now was the time to correct it.
He purchased a piece of wall board and filled the area and I did
spackling, priming and painting!
Now, we all know those bright gold sconces dangling there just don't work any longer.
I found some pewter color Liquid Leaf by Plaid and painted them!
Along with a lamp that I have had on the foyer table for ages.
 This works!
When we moved into the house, the original banister was all a very dark pine.  A couple of years ago I sanded and painted the whole thing semi-gloss white.  But, it wasn't long before it looked like this...

So, I have been scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding and scraping and...
well, I'm getting there.
Here is how it looks so far.
This beautiful orchid was a table centerpiece at the wedding of my dear friends daughter.
She was so kind to give one to me!
 There are a few more projects I am working on for this area and will share them soon.
But now I have to try and repair my fingernails and hands, get ready for a two week visit from my daughter, Jill and her family arriving Thursday night, Erin's birthday on Friday, a high school graduation party for Abbey on Saturday,  and all of our August family birthdays!
Note:  upper Wall color Woodrow Wilson Putty from Valspar


Mildred said...

It all looks lovely. When can you arrange to be at my house?????? You have such wonderful taste and the ability to accessorize so well. I love how the pewter came out; what a transformation. Hope you enjoy all the upcoming events!

Laurie said...

Phew! You have been busy, and I really love the new look! I had to laugh when you wrote about the "peering man with a mustache", but the new stamp is much better. You have a wonderful sense of decorating, and the do-it-yourself attitude with your husband makes it special. We are do-it-yourselfers, too. I think all of the wallpaper we hung years ago is all gone now, although like you, I hated to see the rose paper in one of the girls' room go. Now it is the room the grandkids use when they come over, and I think the boys like it painted yellow instead!

Deb said...

Wow! You did a fabulous job. It looks beautiful. The summer sure is busy and we have August birthdays too. One next weekend. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Julie said...

Beautiful! I love to it when a project is finished and you can just stand back and admire! Enjoy the visit from your daughter and her family. Those times are the best!!

Snap said...

Wow! You've been busy and it looks wonderful! Do you hire out? !!!!! It did look like a peering man with a mustache! Enjoy the visit from your daughter.

Jennifurla said...

I wish this were my place, lovely

Snippety Gibbet said...

It was gorgeous both before and after. Your home is a real showplace. And you must be one insanely busy woman!!! Didn't you used to have a floral background on your blog that was similar to that paper? I always admired it. jan

Shirley Watts said...

Wow, what a transformation! It is beautiful and you did a fantastic job. When we bought our house the little woman before us loooooved wallpaper, it was everywhere! What a job to take it down. I still have it in my laundry room, but it is roosters, so I think I will keep it for awhile.

Dayle said...

Amazing, Lorraine! So much work. My foyer is on my to-update list.

Susan said...

LDH, What a FABULOUS job you have done on the foyer. It looks so lovely...so clean and bright! Wow, I don't think I could have gotten on a ladder to reach such height! Good for you. It really looks great. Susan

decdiva1 said...

so very pretty, i love the former wallpaper but i also love the new look! i love all the white and the pewter finish you did on the lights. thank-you so much for visiting me at cottage romance ! YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB ON THE FOYER! and you are so funny about the 1st stencil! that is a hoot! once i read that part, that's all i could see too! silly mustache man!thanks again!~DD

deb mills said...

absolutely beautiful, and so elegant. i love the subtle colors.

marie said...

Your foyer looks beautiful and I love the staircase! I definitely see the "peering man with the mustache" ~ too funny! So glad you changed the design.

P.S. The old wallpaper was so pretty!

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, I was sad that you were removing that lovely rose wallpaper, but as I read further along, I think the new look is so fresh and sophisticated! I love the pewter look that you gave the lamps, too! Your home is so charming! Thanks for sharing a glimpse with us!

Julie Harward said...

WOW...you two make a great team...do you hire out?! I loved the wall paper but to freshen everything up is so nice. I had to laugh about your good eye..seeing the old man..me too..much better! It is all awesome! :D

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crochet lady said...

Wow, like that new look, very clean and fresh! I have some major painting projects that need to be done, but I am putting it off till....gosh, I don't know, sometime when I have enough energy.

t.koch said...

Aunt Lorrie,

It looks amazing!!! Would you mind sharing the paint brand and color? I absolutely love it, from the staircase stencils (reminds me of New Orleans) to the accent runner you chose. I'm always amazed by you :)


LDH said...

Hey Sweet Toni! I used my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e Woodrow Wilson Putty color [Valspar Ultra Premium, eggshell finish from Lowe's] for the foyer and stairwell as I have in the kitchen, family room (on three walls with Ivory Brown on the fireplace wall)and in what Noah calls the 'Nursery'. I love it because of the way it works with my bright white trim (and you know how I love white) and also because of the calm background pallet it creates for accent pieces. With all the chaos in the house at times I appreciate an understated environment :)

SO looking forward to seeing you this weekend!
Love, Aunt Lorrie

Janice said...

Ha, you and me both Lorraine! Only I've not been taking photographs, we are remodelling our upstairs living room which has become a bit of a tip for everything. But we had nowhere to sit anymore so it had to be done. I'll blog when it's finished.

Your stairs look great now, we did the whole bannister stripping thing a couple of years ago, I don't envy you.

Diana (Di) said...

I do love the wallpaper, but what you did, the makeover, is quite extraordinary. Would you please come and help me. ;) Fantastic job.

Heather said...

looks great~ Love it!! and I totally could see the man with the mustache tehehehe ~Enjoy your remodel ~Blessings Heather

Ann said...

Wow, it looks fabulous. I love the way you did the steps. The last time I had to strip wall paper it was a nightmare. Mine did not come off as easy as yours did. I was cursing the paper through the entire job..lol

Shelia said...

Oh, I love it! Your wallpaper was beautiful but I love the newly painted and clean walls. I did this too, well, had it done to our entry, but my wallpaper was not a pretty design like yours. :)
Your stairs look so pretty and I really like the little stencil you added. I could that angry man too when you mentioned it. Your new mirror is gorgeous and what a sweet daughter you have to give it to you.
Your home is so beautiful.
Be a sweetie,

Kristen said...

Although your foyer was lovely before, it simply pops now. I love how you updated for relatively little money (though with a ton of hard work). Once you mentioned the angry men, I saw what you meant. The stenciling up the stairs ended up simply stunning.

Tara said...

Wow Beautiful! You have been a busy girl. Your home is just lovely! Take time to breathe.
Have a great visit with your family.

Sue said...

Your foyer and staircase turned out gorgeous! I just posted our work in progress on my blog; same area of the house. I'm stuck on the color; please give me your opinion.


Shandy said...

You are such a talented lady! I love your perfectionist approach to decorating. Light and refreshing! The lamp renovation works stunningly with the new mirror too. What a whirlwind several weeks you have approaching!

Traci said...

Everything looks great! Thanks for visiting me & commenting!

Pam said...

At first I was concerned that you were removing that wallpaper (I loved it), but wow! What a great looking foyer now. I'm with you on the man's face - sort of creepy.

A Quiet, Gracious Life said...

Oh my! It looks *lovely*! Great job! And I agree, the Fleur de lis is much nicer than the scary mustache man. (o;

Mel said...

Wow! I can appreciate how much work that was, but it turned out beautifully.

It really does look like a scary mustache man, too funny.

Tracy Suzanne said...

My goodness you certainly have been busy. All your hard work really has paid off though. Everything is just beautiful. I like the risers design much better now and that mirror looks wonderful in the foyer. You makeover of the lighting fixtures made them look like a million bucks. Fantastic job!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Amanda said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the new Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) My hope is to share many of the fabulous projects I see everyday with the vast CG audience. I hope you will not only stop by and subscribe to CG, but will tell your friends about the new category! Hope you see some traffic from it!

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Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

I don't know how I missed this post earlier, but I'm so glad you posted it again. I have now found my inspiration. I must tell you that I laughed outloud when I actually saw the peering men with the mustaches. I had to look and look, but yes -- there it was. Too funny! I really love everything about this makeover and called Kenny in to look at the project. I said, "Look what we could do, Kenny, just look." Kenny looked at me and said, "We?" haha. It takes him a while to warm up to a project, but we'll get there. This is a bookmark. Great job.

Also -- seems to me that when Craft Gossip featured your project, they should have told you. No biggie, but I'm kind of a stickler for that kind of thing. I think they owe it to the person whose project they feature to let that person know.

Congratulations and thanks again for sharing your hard work on this staircase/foyer!

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

OK -- I just reread your first post and Amanda IS with Craft Gossip. I'm always in too much of a hurry to see the project and I skimmed the written word. I'm glad that they let you know and I take back my second paragraph of the above post :)

decor4poor@blogspot.com said...

That turned out wonderful. I love the display. Awesome!

Ms. Redo said...

Wow, what a gorgeous foyer you created! Love the steps, love the paint color, love the table with mirror and the lamp you painted - I so want to do that with some of mine when the warm weather returns and I can go outside to paint. I love your blog, thanks for hostessing the party, I just found you ... somewhere, ha I clicked through so many times that I can't remember where I started :) Hugs ~ Mary

~ Lisa ~ said...

I was catching up on some of your older posts. I love the color of the walls in your foyer. Would you happen to remember what the paint color and brand was? Thank you.

Lisa from Indiana

PS... your blog is one of my TOP favorites. I absolutely love your style and your recipes. And, like you, I have about the same amount of grandchildren. :)


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