With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Spontaneity

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Jamie and her family spent last week in Ocean City, New Jersey with her in-laws.
Erin, AJ and Jared are there this week.
Abbey is staying a few days with them too.
John and I are not beach lovers (or even beach likers, for that matter).
But, our high 90 degree days with high humidity broke with beautiful temps, low humidity and gentle breezes and I knew it would be just perfect at the shore.

I texted John at work late in the afternoon and asked his thoughts on talking the hour and a half drive down the shore when he got home.
He said, "Great idea," so off we went.
Zipping along with the windows rolled down, wind blowing our hair and feeling like kids ourselves was such fun.
We arrived just as the sun was getting low in the sky.
A quick stroll in the sand...

then onto the boardwalk to join the others for a beautiful summer evening.
AJ is such a sweet guy and was more than happy to answer all of my questions about his very cool yellow motor cycle. It was brought to my attention because many folks stopped to comment/look at it as it sat right out front on the sidewalk. He said strangers even took photos of it and that really tickled him!
AJ and Erin
Looking spiffy in our shades
(If Abbey read my blog [which I know she doesn't] she'd roll her eyes and say, "I know you didn't just say 'spiffy."
Of course, theirs are for looks, mine are so I can see.

on the porch
on the way to the boards
"Mom-Mom, wanna see my muscle?"
Just look at the power radiating from it!
Stopping for a bite to eat but being sure to save room for Kohr Bros soft-serve ice-cream cones and some fudge (pistachio for me, please)
enjoying our spontaneity
While the kids browsed the shops, John and I slipped away and walked in the dark to the waters edge. There were just a few folks enjoying the serenity as the waves foamed and rolled in. Walking in the sand with low visibility was a little hard especially trying to avoid tripping over the mounds and holes created by those digging earlier in the day.
and a few shots just for fun


Susan said...

That was a great day trip, LDH. Wonderful photos, too. The night ones of the ferris wheel are winners! Take care and thanks for taking us along with you! Susan

Flourchild said...

You are a beautiful lady with a lovely family! Im glad you had fun on your trip to the beach! My family and I are going to the Oregon coast for a week the end of this month! I can't wait!

Mildred said...

It looks like a perfect evening. I agree with the comment above; you are truly beautiful with a beautiful family. So nice to see the scenery. Reminds me of trips our family took when I was little. Wishing you a safe and happy 4th.

Janice said...

Those spontaneous moments are always the best aren't they? We were invited to join some friends at Ocean City where their family have a house, but weren't able to go this year what with the wedding and all. Hope to get there sometime and maybe you will drop in and see us!

Ann said...

I've always loved the beach. Although I don't go often I just find it so relaxing there. Your pictures are awesome as always and I love the "Power" radiating from those muscles. Very cool effect

Dayle said...

I simply love the beach. You described a perfect day to me. Glorious!

Julie Harward said...

Thats so great! You girls look so cute in the shades, love the pic's of you and your good husband too! :D

crochet lady said...

Oh what charming pictures of you and your family. I wish I could jump in that picture with the white sand....love to be at a place like that right about now.


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