With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Show and Tell Friday ~ Bible Commentary

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show and Tell Friday ~ Bible Commentary

I bought this two volume set of books after continually borrowing my daughters when she was in college. I found myself running to them frequently with questions I had or help in understanding a Bible passage I was reading.
Sometimes it is helpful to have background information when studying Scripture and this set has been so helpful.
Maybe you are following the schedule for the audio reading/listening plan for completing the Bible in a year. The link is over in my side bar.
It's pretty doable... just 12-15 minutes a day.
This set includes an Old and New Testament volume.
Each book of the Bible section includes an introduction including historical setting, characteristics, audience the book is addressed to, author and date, historical proof for the book, and the book's purpose.

There is a detailed outline of the book, and a commentary on the book.
Time lines too

Joining Cindy @My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday!


Dayle Allen Shockley said...

I'm a preacher's kid and remember all of the various commentaries my dad kept in his office. What a lovely set you have.

Regina said...

I also wanted to have those.
Great post.
Blessings dearest.

marie said...

I have these commentaries and I love them! Of course mine don't look nearly as nice as yours. Your photos are always so beautiful!

I loved your May in review collage. Hard to believe is already over!

Mildred said...

Wonderful commentaries and such lovely photos Lorraine. I hope you have a nice weekend.

Sherry said...

My grandfather had these. He studied them well and taught a really interesting Sunday School lesson.
Enter to win a $50 CSN gift certificate at my blog.

Debbie said...

Those look wonderful. My husband finally finished buying a set that he has been getting in spits and spurts for the past few years. *We have to live within a budget* I'm sure he will want to look for another. I'll definitely tell him about these.

I LOVE meaty Bible study, don't you???

Laurie said...

Thank you for sharing these - I often think of getting commentaries, and these look wonderful.


Bevelry said...

I have had a set of those for over 20 years.. they are wonderful.. it really helps me have deeper understanding of the word. Enjoy


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