With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Just Hatched Mourning Doves still in the Nest

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Hatched Mourning Doves still in the Nest

and I thought my children grew up before my eyes...
every day these baby doves are significantly bigger and more mature.

I think there is just one day between the two nestlings.
This is the older one.

Both can be seen in this photo

Mama/Papa bird flies in and cautiously looks at me as babies are tucked down into the nest...

but babies quickly pop up to eat whatever is in the adult birds throat

a face only a mother could love

a series of shots beginning when the male and female began building the nest

1. Male perched just above nesting area
2. Male tucking nesting material around female
3. sitting on nest
4. sitting on nest
5. Adult dove
6. First spotting of eggs... looks like one is hatches
7. Adult caring for eggs
8. nesting
9. first glimpse of hatchlings
10. Unattractive little doves
11. alien-like
12. getting cuter and more recognizable
13. snuggled together
14. feeding
15. growing
16. quickly changing

I expect the chicks will be learning to fly soon and I won't have too many more dove posts. Then I will be moving onto different subject matter for Outdoor Wednesday.


Ebie said...

How adorable! They look so tiny and well protected! Aah, a mother's unending love...


Mildred said...

How darling these pictures are Lorraine. You were able to get some splendid shots of the little ones feeding.

LV said...

Love your bird family pot for today. That was a great idea.

Susan said...

Oh MY, LDH. These are spectacular photos. You should submit them to National Geographic....or at least a bird publication! Loved them. Sincerely, Susan

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, how wonderful! I can hear doves out in the nursery...but I don't know where the nest. This may be my first time seeing baby doves! God is so good!

I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

: )

Julie M.

reanaclaire said...

God says.. Do not worry about what we eat or what we wear.. for even the birds, they have food to eat and water to drink...
these pictures above remind me of this verse.. if He can take care of the birds, then why do we worry that He wont take care of us?
Nice pictures.. tell a thousand words..

greetings from http://reanaclaire.com

Bonnie said...

How awesome! Sure makes me see the power of our Creator!! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

These are such amazing photos of God's creation. As I looked at them, I thought about how awesome He is, to have created such beauty in the details of life, be it our human lives or that of these little birds. Thank you for sharing these photos; you truly have a gift capturing the beauty around you.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello LDH,

I love your series of photos on the doves and their chicks! The pictures are awesome.

~ Tracy

Daniela said...

Just wonderful :)

Ann said...

Awesome shots. How fun to watch them grow. I've been waiting to see if the robins are going to build another nest in our forsythia this year. so far nothing

Tara said...

Wonderful shots you got there. They are very pretty when they are little, but so pretty when grown. Funny....it is usually the opposite with animals. Love the series shots.

LV said...

What an adorable feature today of the little birds. Great idea. Happy you chose to pay me a visit today.

Houston Divorce Mediation said...

Wonderful find. It's great that you captured all of these photos of the baby birds.

trish said...

Oh how beautiful! What great pictures you were able to get. Our little blue bird family grew so quickly before our eyes. :o) Now our trees around their house are full of new "teen" bluebirds. :o)
I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today and look forward to returning. :o)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Haddock said...

Ha ha, lovely.
It is interesting to watch them grow up isn't it. And in the process we learn a lot.
Life is a continuous learning process and these small things are a part of it.
Good to see that you could record them. Just imagine people all over the world can see and enjoy them. Wonders of net !!


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