With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Brenna's Pee~Wee Prom

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brenna's Pee~Wee Prom

It's a busy time of year!

Thursday evening was a party for Silas's 4th birthday...

and Brenna's (NY granddaughter) special event at her preschool...

Friday was a half day at school for Abbey then to the salon for her sister to do make-up and hair, home to get dressed, Patrick's arrival, back to school for the Promenade, chauffeur/Dad takes couple to the Camden Waterfront Adventure Aquarium, home, back to the Aquarium for pick-up and home again...

Saturday night was a birthday party for AJ (Jared's daddy)...

then Mother's Day including a visit to my moms and lunch at Jamie's.
(we are a wee bit tuckered out)

Here are some sweet pics that Jill sent of Brenna's Pee-Wee Prom:

Brenna Meghan

enjoyed an evening of fun with preschool classmates
at her
Pee~Wee prom this weekend.
Her handsome escort was her Daddy.
She wore a just-below-the-knee
plaid dress in pinks and brown
accessorized with a tiny pearl necklace, bracelet,
a wrist corsage of pretty pink rosebuds with
a headpiece of sweet-peas and long flowing ribbons.
Her Mommy, sister Shaela and brother Ryan were also in attendance.

Daddy & Brenna Bean

Highlights of the evening included dancing the
Hokey~Pokey, the Bunny~Hop
Cookies & Punch!


Mildred said...

Happy Mother's Day Lorraine. You all have really been busy! Brenna's picture collage is just sweet as can be. Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures with us.

Ann said...

That is so sweet. I never heard of a Pee-Wee Prom. So adorable.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Mary Lou said...

So sweet. I love a girl in pearls!!
Happy Mother's Day.

marie said...

A Pee-Wee Prom! What a great idea! Brenna looks lovely ~ her dress is so pretty!

Sure sounds like you have been very busy. It also sounds like tons of wonderful memories have been made!!


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