With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Sepia Scenes #79

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sepia Scenes #79

Here he/she sits all day and all night. This dove doesn't frighten as we open the door or even when I get close to take a picture.
We first noticed these doves last week.
Nesting Behavior

Mourning Doves raise three or more broods in a single breeding season. Both parents build a flimsy platform nest of twigs located from 5 to 25 feet up in a tree or bush. Two white eggs hatch in about 14 - 16 days. One egg is laid in the evening, and the second on the next morning. The male usually incubates the egg during the day, and the female incubates at night. Nestlings, cared for by both parents, fledge in about 12-14 days. The parents continue to care for the fledglings until they are 25 to 27 days old.

Mourning Doves are prolific breeders. In warmer areas, these birds may raise up to six broods in a season. This fast breeding is essential because mortality is high. Each year, mortality can reach 58% a year for adults and 69% for the young
Source:Chipper Woods Bird Conservatory and Wild Bird Watching
Joining Mary T for Sepia Scenes!


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I love doves. We have several pairs around our house but I haven't gone looking for nests. Great photo.

Ann said...

just beautiful. how wonderful that it doesn't fly off when you go out the door. Makes for some beautiful photos.

Karen said...

Love the sepia dove pic!

Vintagesquirrel said...

I love observing birds in my yard. I especially like the low, comforting "whoooooo-ing" sound the mourning dove makes.

Tara said...

So interesting. I just love to watch the birds around our place. We have had a couple of doves the past few years come back and nest in our woods, but haven't seen them this year yet.
Beautiful photo.

Mildred said...

This is a beautiful picture. There's even a shadow!

Lady Farmer said...

Since your last post on the doves, I have been looking and looking to see if I can find our doves nest. But, they have our entire orchard and a hundred acre wood in which to nest, so I doubt I will locate it.:~{ But they are fun to watch as one or the other comes to feed in the morning at our bird feeders.
Thank you for sharing the info. on their nesting behavior.

Susan said...

Oh, she is a beautiful mourning dove, LDH. Great shot. Sincerely, Susan

Patti said...

You captured a great closeup of the mourning dove.
It looks nice in soft sepia.

I got a photo of one on the roof a while back. I was thrilled to get that capture. But this is really nice!
I would guess it's a she, no?

shannon i olson said...

I so look forward to spring when the doves return here, I love to hear them coo!


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