With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Favorite Photo Friday

Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

Posting this photo again, this time for:

more cropped
Less cropped

1. Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT

2. Lens: Canon EF 28-1-5mm 1.4-5.6

3. Settings and Specifications: Camera was on preset program
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal Length: 75 mm
ISO Speed: 800

4. Posed or Random Shot: Random

5. Special Lighting or Techniques: natural light

6. Editing Software used and how: Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Picnik. Reduced size in PS, initial cropping, slight sharpen, healing tool to remove some strands of hair from across eye and nose. Enhanced eye color ever so slightly, Picnik to lighten slightly, lightly dodge under eyes and redness along right side of face.

7. This is my favorite shot this week because: This shot so captures her personality ~ Big blue eyes, soft skin, wispy hair, tiny freckles, fun sense of humor, quirky and very loving and affectionate!

Want to join in by posting your favorite photo of the week?
Visit Valerie @Favorite Photo Friday for details!
We can learn from one another!


Janice said...

Gorgeous photos. I like it less cropped.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

What a great shot. She is gorgeous and you have really highlighted her best features.

Snippety Gibbet said...

What gorgeous eyes that sweet little one has.

So, I have this question for you. Did you teach yourself photography or did someone teach you? I just bought that exact same camera, but I am coming from using a point and shoot. I am totally clueless about how to use the new one.

allhorsestuff said...


Ann said...

I saw that favorite photo Friday and I thought about giving it a try but all my photos from the week are pretty bad :) She is absolutely adorable and I just love the eyes. I always have to use an unsharp mask to get eyes to look that good in a picture.

LisaShaw said...


I saw your "Grandma" comment on Laura's blog and popped in to visit you as a Grandma myself.

You have a beautiful blog. Your heart reminds me of Judy from "Just a little something for you". Unsure if you've visited her blog and if not, I bet you'd both enjoy one another.

I look forward to getting to know you more. Blessings to you and your family. Love your header!


crochet lady said...

She sure has striking eyes.

EG Wow said...

Very cute little girl with twinkling eyes and mischievous grin. I bet indeed she is fun to have around. :)

Miss Jen said...


Blessings~ Miss Jen

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am thankful for Lisa telling you about my blog, and I am thankful that you visited and left a kind comment. I just spent time, in this early morning hour visiting your beautiful blog. I enjoyed my visit so much! In fact, am having a dinner party for twelve tomorrow evening, and chose your Individual Meat Loaves recipe by Ina Garten, as my entree. Thank you for sharing it. I am always on a search for great recipes.

I do see that we have many similarities, including our little girls from Compassion International. I will be back to this blog.
Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

hip chick said...

Oh what a beautiful girl. She looks like she has a very sweet personality also.

Valerie @ composition-life said...

Thanks so much for participating in Favorite Photo Friday - as of this morning - there are only 3 of us - but maybe it will grow - and we certainly can learn from one another!

I love photo's of children - I love seeing the inner eye - inside the child - the spark of the 'joy of life.' Looks like you have captured that.

Personally I prefer the coloring in the top photo. Perhaps because it is closer, there seems to be a bit more color in the cheeks and the freckles a bit more visible, where as the bottom one, her skin seems a bit white. 'Course it could be my computer screen, or I need my glasses!

In the top photo my eyes were immediately drawn to her eyes - and so I see that as the central part of the photo. They say - "the eyes are the window to the soul."

When I look at the bottom picture I am not drawn to the eyes - something about her sweet little chin draws me down and the clothes around her neck detracts from the eyes - making her look more like she is staring (?) So I guess cropping and how we crop certainly changes our focal point in viewing the photo.

What a precious little one you have there! Children are a blessing!


Laurie said...

Oh, she is soooo precious! What a wonderful photo - I think I can hear her giggle :)

In joy,

Linda said...

Intending to take part in Favourite (I have to use the UK English spelling!) Photo Friday soon, but meantime visiting participants and learning. What I learned from your shot was all the things editing software can do. Also trying to learn by example on all the settings technicalities.
And how can I resist saying what an adorable wee girl?!


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