With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: The Challenge

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Challenge

A sweet little tactic to help me WIN.I have accepted



to lose 2 pounds a week for 14 weeks
ah, yes, it's steep...
(and slightly adjusted as not everyone should drop 28 lbs)

the competitors...







We all have different approaches

I am a staunch calorie counter
Jill and Jamie will be running and exercising
Erin is focusing in on organic healthy choices
Not sure what Abbey is doing
John will skip a snack or two
(it was suggested he be penalized a few pounds as guys definitely have an advantage and drop weight quicker)

Yes, The girls have devised a "Biggest Loser" challenge and we have all agreed to participate.
We will all pitch in ten bucks.

The "WINNER" will receive a gift card to a clothing store.
(John wants a gift card to a fancy restaurant)

Goal Date
April 19th
(that is when Jill and family will be down from NY again)

Now, please excuse me while I enjoy my half-cup, sugar free Jell-O at just
10 teeny calories
(plus a few more if you add fruit)


Susan Wicker said...

I wish you the BEST of luck, L. I know how very challenging weight loss is. But bet you can do it. You don't look like you need to lose too much! Have a great day. Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

Leslie said...

oh but i love jello...this sounds like a great family challenge. my sister and i are trying our best to lose a little and encourage one another instead of compete like we have in the past.

Laurie said...

Your words are an encouragment and it sounds like fun to have the whole family involved. Having a goal is so important; getting back to walking and eating less snacks is definitely my goal. Have a blessed day!

storyteller said...

Sounds like a great way to motivate yourself. Wishing you all the best in this endeavor and hope you enjoy the process. It's been MONTHS since I've shared my morning musings and I want to get back in the habit so I started today.
Hugs and blessings,
My Random Thoughts

HOPE said...

How neat to do this like Big Losers only in your very own family!! Love the reward too..talk about motivating!!

Yummy jello...and let is barely gel and then whip up for a smoothie type taste!


Tara said...

Never an easy task...losing weight. It always helps to have others to share in the challenge. Wishing you the best! Accountability, that's the key. The jello looks yummy!

The B's said...

Oh, what a fun challenge! Or at least the reward! =) And although it doesn't seem like you need to lose weight, healthy eating is always smart, isn't it?

Janice said...

Well done to all of you. Will look forward to hearin gyour progress.

The Watts Family said...

Good luck and I will be right with you trying to lose a few myself ~enjoy your Jello ~Blessings Heather :)

Ann said...

Oh I hate diets. I'm so bad at them. Good luck, hope you're the biggest loser :)

Valerie said...

And we have 26 faculty and staff at our school who have joined together to do our own Biggest Loozer! Crazy as I am - I signed up. They told me I didn't have to wear one of those cray little outfits and we can weigh privately with the school nurse. The only problem I see - is most who are participating have about 10 pounds to lose. I have 10x that! I could be the big winner -

well ... we shall see ...

A Little Of This And That said...

In my younger years, I think I could have accomplished this. These days, it's not so easy.... but I'm confident you'll reach your goal. All the best!

marie said...

Awesome idea!!
I've been trying to lose weight for a year. I lost 21 lbs but gained back 5. From where I'm at right now I'd like to lose about 35 more pounds.
I will anxiously be watching your blog for soem good healthy eating tips!!

I wish I could get my family on board with soemthing like this! : )

You go!!

janice said...

You go girl!
Having a goal and people for support is the best way. Encourage yourself and each other. Blessings,


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