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Saturday, October 31, 2009

In A Tight Spot

with barely a touch... away he flew!
This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;

he saved him out of all his troubles.

Psalm 34:6

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God's sight. But even the hairs of your head are all counted. Do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows. (Luke 12:6-7)

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Fun than Scary

It was such fun preparing this post and seeing again the pictures of the kids growing up.
The expressions on their little faces
made me laugh at times gone by.

I guess my mom bought this pattern for someone else because the 1953 date is before I was born. Though I don't have a picture, I wore the pink bunny costume she made from this pattern when I was a baby.
Here is the same costume on one of my babies back in 1981.
I crocheted a new headpiece and carrots but the outfit is the same one.
The brown mouse was one that I made.
Looks like these little ones were getting sleepy!
Abbey in 1992
Why are whiskers on babies so cute?
A vintage clown pattern, also from 1953.
Could Jamie possibly had more fun being a clown???
Erin and Abbey wearing the costume too.
Jamie & Jill... role playing

The evening always ended at Pop-Pop's house to celebrate his birthday.
He loved that his birthday was on Halloween.
He got such a kick seeing his children and grandchildren all dressed up in costumes.

To make these Bumble Bee costumes, I remember dying white thermal underwear with Ritz Dye in a large pot on the stove... If that didn't look like a witches brew!

These chubby little bees made me laugh the most...
Do you think we stuffed them enough!?!

Applying make-up to an adorable little face.

Abbeys turn to be a bee.

This was my ambitious year...
Popeye (notice the arm muscles made from ace bandages) & his spinach can,
Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea,
Wimpy and his hamburger. (gotta love the eyebrows and mustache!)

This was the year we improvised and pulled stuff out of the dress-up box.

Having fun with sweet friends Amy (are you reading this Amy?) and Aria (who now lives in heaven).

Abbey as a one-eared leopard (She did have both when she left the house)
Always room for (a little) birthday cake even after all that candy!
Missing you Pop-Pop!

What we would do just because a grandchild asks...
even go to his school looking like this!
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Brenna Beans Birthday

Looks who's 5 years old today...
It's Brenna Meghan!
Sending Loving wishes, hugs and kisses to you, Little Honey!
Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop
and Aunt Abbey

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Rain or Shine

The prettiest tree on the street ~ every year it steals the show!
The view from my kitchen window of our shed and our little pond (now emptied and closed up for the winter)
The morning began with lots of clouds and a brilliant sun shining through.
Notice how it reflected off of the shed above.
The sky was beautiful!
Bright sun beaming through the clouds.
Suddenly, drops of rain poured down even as the sun continued to shine.
This play of rain and shine continued for a while until the the rain triumphed for the rest of the day.

He covers the sky with clouds;
he supplies the earth with rain
and makes grass grow on the hills.
Psalm 147:8
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Any Other (Grandmother) Name Would Sound As Sweet!

Title: Mrs Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren, 1888

My sweet blogging friend, Janice of Serial Crafter, noticed that my grandchildren call me Mom-Mom (my husband is Pop-Pop). She thought the reasoning behind that name was because I am their mom's mom. Sounds logical. But in actuality it was really just tradition in our family. It was what I called my grandmother.
(I had no living grandparents by age 12.
One died before I was born, one at age 3 and the other two by age 12)

Janice is from the United Kingdom and her boys use the sweet moniker, Mum-mum (mum's mum) for her mother.

I never gave much thought to it until my friends started becoming grandparents as well. Then I began hearing different titles. I was surprised to learn that unless you are from the south Jersey/Philadelphia area, Mom-Mom is not that common.Mother about to wash her sleepy child 1880 ~ Mary Cassett

What do your grandchildren call you? Perhaps it is a name from your heritage. Or maybe your grandchild came up with a name of their own making.

I would love to hear the endearing names your grandchildren call you.
If you are not a grandparent, what do/did you call your grandparents?
And if you would, please share
  • where you are from
  • how that special name came to be.
  • How many grandchildren you have
  • how many grandparents you or your children currently have

Maternal Kiss ~ Mary Cassett

Here are some Traditional Grandmother Names:

  • Gram
  • Gramma
  • Grammy
  • Grams
  • Grandma
  • Grandmama
  • Grandmom
  • Grandmother
  • Grannie
  • Ma or Maw
  • Mamo
  • MawMaw
  • Mema
  • Memaw
  • Mom-Mom
  • Nana
  • Nanny

Grandmother in Other Languages

  • Chinese: NaiNai
  • Filipino: Lola
  • Flemish: Bomma
  • French: Grandmere
  • French Canadian: Meme
  • German: Oma
  • Greek: YaYa
  • Hawaiian: Tutu
  • Hebrew: Savta
  • Italian: Nonna
  • Japanese: Oba-chan
  • Korean: Halmoni
  • Polish: Busia
  • Portuguese: VoVo
  • Russian: Babushka
  • Spanish: Abuela
  • Yiddish: Bube
Here are some amazing thoughts about grandchildren/grandparents I found:
  • There are about 70 million grandparents in the US today, and each month 75,000 Americans 45-69 years old join the club. The number of grandparents is expected to grow to 80 million by 2010
  • The grandparent/grandchild relationship is second in emotional importance only to the parent/child relationship.

  • Some research shows that as many as 9 out of 10 adult grandchildren feel their grandparents influenced their values and behaviors.

  • Fewer than 50% of adolescents in 1900 had two or more grandparents alive. By 1976 that figure had grown to almost 90%.

  • Today, an American at birth is expected to live 76 years compared to 47 years in 1900 -- an additional 29 years. Most of today's grandchildren will have most or all of their grandparents survive at least during part of their childhood and adolescence, and many will have surviving grandparents well into their adult years. At age 30, 75% of people will have at least one surviving grandparent.

  • Today, over 13% of the US population is 65 years or older. By the year 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be over 65, totaling 70 million. For the first time in history, there will be more people of grandparent age than children and youth. These older adults can have a tremendous impact on society by choosing to be active grandparents and mentor younger generations.

  • .About 1/3 of the adult US population are grandparents. More than 70% of middle-aged and older people will become grandparents. A considerable number of grandparents will live long enough to become great-grandparents -- and some will even become great-great-grandparents.

  • The average age of becoming a grandparent is 50 years for women and a couple of years older for men.

  • Today's grandparents may range in age from 30 to 110, and grandchildren range from newborns to retirees.

  • Most grandparents have multiple (5 to 6 on average) grandchildren.
One more thing... remember my sweet blogging friend, Janice? Well, look what she gave me.

I am supposed to nominate seven other blogs that I love. Well, Serial Crafter would be right up there at the top. She is an adorable farm girl that makes the loveliest greeting cards. I don't know how she continually comes up with the varied and beautiful ideas that she incorporates into her sweet projects.
She's amazing!
When I read her posts I imagine a cute UK accent :)

I'd like to pass the award on to all of the wonderful blogs I read. Please take this award for your place with my warmest regards.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stealing Pumpkins?

I had to grab this picture from my daughter, Jamie's facebook page. Her caption made me laugh...
"Looks like I'm trying to steal a pumpkin!"
She is expecting a baby girl in December


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