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Friday, February 27, 2009

Show and Tell Friday ~ More Childhood Toys

Buffy & Mrs. Beasley
Barbie & Friends
Tutti & Friends
Dr. Doolittle, Polynesia and Pushmi-Pullyu
Pepper & Tammy
Pluto Step Walker
Tiny Tears
Unknown Tomboy doll

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Show and Tell

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

52Q Week 8 ~ What was the Last Thing That Made You Laugh Out Loud?

A fun question this week and I found quite a joyful image for my Art Journal page (thank you wackystuff). To see more 52Q a year of mini art journaling, click here.Nothing specific made us laugh ~ it was just rather spontaneous as we dwell on everyday life :)
Our funniest/happiest times ever occurred while driving the kids in the car...

Our girls (two in particular ;) were natural comediennes and for some unknown reason, came to life while sitting in the back seat of our car. Whether telling real stories, good-natured-ly (is that a word?) imitating various people they have heard sing or just making fun of themselves, we would be laughing outrageously with tears streaming down our faces. Those memories will always warm our hearts.

But then those little rascals had to go and grow up...

Pieces of Ephemera for You ~ Atlantic City

Scanned a couple of pages from the Atlantic City Pictorial Magazine dated March 31, 1924. ~~~~~o0O0o~~~~~
and... a big thank you to Debbie from There's An Angel On My Front Porch for sending over this thoughtful award. I more than enjoy each my sweet blogging friends so I invite you all to also accept this award.


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