With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: From the Christmas Album ~ "I Know That Wiseman!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the Christmas Album ~ "I Know That Wiseman!"

Our church began a outdoor Living Nativity many years ago on a small scale back in the early 1990's. Over the years it has grown considerably and now, weather permitting, runs three weekends (7 nights) and has had as many as 14,000 visitors come through in one year.

There are 13 scenes beginning with Creation and ending with Jesus ascending into the clouds with a promise to return.

Our family has greatly enjoyed helping in many capacities from baking cookies (up to 50,000 are served each year), including running a projector, being a guide, a greeter, a "mingler", helping to set-up/take-down, helping in costumes and being a cast member. For many years my husband was a wiseman. In this scene, the three Magi enter from the right to inquire of Herod "where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him". After leaving Herod, the wisemen circle around the back of the scene and re-enter on the left where they knock on the door of a carpenter and his wife. The curtain is drawn aside and the toddler Jesus emerges with his mother, Mary.
In awe and admiration, they present their gifts to the babe.
The scene is repeated over and over as each new group arrives (about every 3 minutes)
Here John (blue wiseman) presents his gift to Jesus (our little Keri) with Mary (Keri's mom, Jamie) by his side.
It took several times before little Keri recognized the the guy in blue!
With great surprise she, cried, "Pop-Pop!"

Now it's your turn to share a special Christmas memory!

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Susan Wicker said...

Ohhhhhh, Linda. Those were precious pictures. And Keri's expression, when she recognized her pop pop is priceless. Very nice blog! Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice pictures!! What a great blessing this is to many people!

I will try and post something next Wednesday!!!

Mildred said...

What a precious memory Lorraine. So very sweet.

Linda C said...

I love that the scene of the wisemen was played Biblically correct-that they came to a house-not the manger:) The pictures are just great!

I hope to join in tomorrow.

Linda C

A Little Of This And That said...

That is an adorable child and a wonderful memory. The pictures are priceless.

Snippety Gibbet said...

That made me giggle out loud. How very sweet! jan


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