With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Dipping Paper German Stars in Wax

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dipping Paper German Stars in Wax

Making pretty folded paper German Stars is so popular and addictive that it has become one of my all time top blog posts.  There are many ways to decorated with these 16-pointed paper stars. In times pasts, the stars were used outside to decorate trees. To protect the paper from the elements, they were dipped in paraffin. 

Find my Step-by-Step video Tutorial to make German Paper Stars by clicking HERE.

Supplies and equipment 

  • double boiler or something similar to melt the wax
  • utensil to flip the stars and remove from melted wax
  • waxed paper to place wet stars on to cool (alternatively, if you have attached a hanging thread to your stars, they can be hung from a dowel or something similar allowing the wax to cool and harden)
  • bowl for glittering
  • completed German Paper Stars
  • wax
  • fine craft glitter (optional)
  • needle and thread for making a hanging loop

 Place the wax in a bowl over a gently simmering pan of water. A double boiler would work here but I don't have one. 

Carefully lower the paper star into the melted wax and allow the wax to coat the star.

Carefully flip the star over making sure the star is completely coated with wax.

Allow the excess wax to drain from from the star.

Working quickly while the wax is still melted, sprinkle with glitter.

Flip and glittered the other side.

Allowed the stars to cool on waxed paper.

Notice how much darker the stars become after being dipped in the wax.

Using  a needle and thread, carefully pierce a top point (about a 1/4 of an inch from the top) and tie the string to form a hanger. This can also be done prior to dipping into the wax.

Lots of finished stars!

These stars, covered with snow, adorned a small tree on our front porch and as you can see, the stood up well even covered in snow.

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Janice said...

They are beautiful Lorraine, you are so clever.

Mildred said...

They really are so pretty. Your tree on the porch is just magical.

crochet lady said...

Those are so beautiful! The white stars are stunning on the little snow covered tree.

♥Mrs. Michele B♥ said...

Those stars are *gorgeous*! I liked them even before you did anything with the wax and glitter but with all of that they are spectacular!

As I'm typing my comment I am seeing pictures of your Raider.---What a cutie pie he is! (o:

Many Blessings,

Greyhaven Pines said...

I read about this in the book An Early American Christmas. I am thrilled to have the instructions. Thank you!

Warm wishes,


Joy said...

You always make such pretty things... love the idea of the tree on the porch!

Obe's said...

What a cute idea!! thanks !

Suzanne in TX said...

Hello there! I just found your blog via OPT and I love the look of these stars--they are wonderful. Something else has caught my attention, though: Raider!!! He is adorable and I think he might need a new Valentine's Day collar from my Etsy shop, Crazy For Collars! I've added some collars with bow ties and will be adding more in the next few days. Come on over and take a look.
I'm going to look over some of your recipes-maybe I'll be inspired to make something new for my hubby and I (we've been married 33.5 years).

JenBerry said...

Thank you for sharing this part of the tutorial! I'm a very visual person when it comes to instructions so this pics are much appreciated!

Charlene said...

I love these stars! We always had them on our christmas tree during my growning up years. Thanks for the tutorial - I can learn how to make them now!!!

Leslie said...

i love these...as you know...i was so excited to have some for my home. i have about half of them hanging from a branch suspended in my kitchen window. they look perfect there...maybe after new years i will get some blogging done again and i can post a picture of them

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled to finally find a GOOD step by step video for making these stars!! A coworker of my father-in-law gave them to him in the late '50s. They were still used until '91, when they were lost in a house fire. I've since been looking for a replacement pattern!!

Rachel said...

This is such a wonderful tutorial. I've just linked to it from my site:


Please let me know if it's okay to link to your projects like this in the future.


SolaraLover said...

Thank you sooo much for this incredible instruction video..I am hooked and have been making them for 2 days. Ive been looking for instructions on how to do this. They remind e of my grade school years!! THANK YOU.

Shirley said...

Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial. I found it while looking for something else on handmade Christmas ornaments. Back in the early 1950's, my dad bought some from a guy at work who was helping a disabled neighbor to supplement her income. They were lost many years ago & I have been searching for instructions for at least 25 years.
Blessings to you.

MGF said...

I love these stars, and thank you for the tutorial! As a child, one of my classmates' mothers made these for the class each year. I have them all on my own tree every year. Looking forward to making some of my own!


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