With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Show and Tell Friday ~ Oberdier House

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Show and Tell Friday ~ Oberdier House

Preparing for a genealogy research trip, I searched the Internet for various family names. I came across a post by someone who said he grew up in a house once belonging to a family in my fathers direct line. Hoping the email address listed was still current, I sent a reply. Through email and phone conversations he shared history and the address.
Not knowing the current owners, we decided to take a chance and drive up the long lane to the house. We were greeted by the new owners who told us they had hoped someone would one day come along and tell them history about this old house. The local high school history class had published research at the York County Heritage Trust and we made copies and gave it to the new owners.
We were told there was a corner stone with the date and names of the family members. It is currently located at the roof peak on the side of the house. The original house was built in 1779

The time of day and the location of the sun caused a strong shadow,
but the engraving is still quite clear.
Through the years additions were made to the house. The original one was likely a typical German style one story building with a large family area and stove in the center with rooms off to the side.
As you can imagine, this was one of the most exciting findings
of our genealogy work!

LDH → Frank Walter S. → Frank Joseph S. → Franklin Pierce S. → Jonas S. → Lydia S → Ester OberdierFronica Oberdier
That makes them my 5th Great-grandparents! (or is it 6th?)

Guidelines for Show & Tell Friday are that it must be something from your house or garden. Technically this post does not fall under that category, although I do display the first picture in my home. Next time I’ll be more careful to choose something more tangible.

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Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is fine that it's not in your home! Sometimes rules are meant to be broken! This was a great show and tell! What a beautiful home! Thanks for joining in!

Red's Nest said...

I'm always doing genealogy research myself, so it was very interesting to me. Lovely place! Blessings!

Lenore said...

This is sooooo fabulous. I am so into family heritage and love stories like yours.
Take a peek at my post....we may have some things in common!

Lady Farmer said...

What a fabulous find for your search! Fascinating what a little research will dig up!
And I think you are quite brave to drive up the lane but what a reward to see that amazing house and meet new folks!
Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Jen said...

Wow.... amazing, simply amazing!!
Thank you for sharing, Mrs.H.

Love~ Jen

Gee said...

What a great find for your research. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.

Mildred said...

What an incredible find! The house is so interesting. Hope you and your family have nice weekend. How are the special orders for crochet coming along?

Cari said...

As a newlywed, I am now interested in researching my husbands family, I would be very excited to find something like this! It's amazing!

Hootin' Anni said...

I've done genealogy on my family too...going back to Northern Ireland in the 1600s.

This is one terrific, informative show n tell entry.

My Show n Tell is another craft project I just finished this week. You can find it here at this link

Have a glorious weekend.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What an interesting story - thanks for sharing.

The Watts Family said...

How wonderful to discover and unravel your family's history~ Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather :D

RobinfromCA said...

Oh, this may not be from your home or garden but it is from your family! It is so exciting to find another piece in the puzzle when you are doing family history research! Congratulations!


Janice said...

How exciting for you! Thanks for sharing your great find.

Love Bears All Things said...

This was an exciting find and one I'm glad you shared with us. I am interested in genealogy and have done quite a bit of research in mine and my husband's family tree. I know what this means to find something like this.
Liked the comment by Cindy.
Mama Bear

Susan B said...

What an exciting find in your search of family history! Very interesting! Thank you for sharing about it.

(I want to say how cute your sweet dog Raider is! My parents have a schnauzer also. His name is Fred. They are both in their 80's, and Fred is a joy in their lives.)

Chari said...


How very interesting! I bet you've had alot of fun doing all of your family research! This home is really beautiful and I love that they carved the date the home was built and the family names into the stone...that's awesome!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Wendy said...

I am so glad you stopped by and left me this link. What a wonderful story. you must have been so excited! I am in amazement how these beautiful homes were built without all the resources we have today. Using the material of the land. Your 5 great grandparents home is a beautiful piece of history. I am so happy you share it with us!!


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