With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Outdoor Wednesday ~ Philadelphia Museum of Art

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Philadelphia Museum of Art

This is my first time participating in Outdoor Wednesday hosted by
Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer.
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We recently spent a day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
. The building is most impressive.

Can you find Abbey and John at the top of the steps above?

The columns are huge!

Low lighting, no flash and a point and shoot camera affords poor shots but I couldn't help trying to get this pic of Abbey and her dad... they look so much alike!

Washington Monument by Rudolph Siemering (1835-1905) at Eakins Oval, Philadelphia, PA

This bronze and granite sculpture features a uniformed George Washington mounted on a horse. Washington and his horse are poised on top of the fountain, facing southeast down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway towards Philadelphia City Hall. The face of the sculpture was made from an impression of the former president made
while he was still alive. The lowest level of the monument features animals and plants that are native to the United States (Wikipedia)

This artsy girl was amused by the bison!

Looking down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from the steps of the Museum... just like in the movie.

On this visit we focused on Abbey's favorite area: European Painting and Sculpture from the Renaissance to the 19th Century (1500-1850).


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

First time to your blog -- what a delight!

This looks like a wonderful place to visit, thanks for taking us along.

If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Kammy said...

What a fun trip - I love it when you put people in some of the pictures - makes it more special !

Mildred said...

Wonderful photos; such grand architecture. I noticed in her birthday photos how much Abbey looks like her Dad. I am sure this was a memorable trip for all of you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Thanks for the trip to the museum. I have seen it from the outside many times, but have never been inside.

Mary said...

I loved the trip to the museum. I'm glad you were able to see it as a family. Abbey really does resemble her Dad. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Miss Jen said...

Gorgeous photos!
Looked like you had a simply fabulous
time! Museums are SO special!!

Love & Blessings ~ Miss Jen

Ms. Bake-it said...

Thank you for taking us to the museum! I loved the tour.

~ Tracy

Ms.Daisy said...

Love your blog! Thank you for visiting me on Outdoor Wednesday. Art musuems are one of my very favorite things! Loved the picture and story of Washington. Will be back to visit again.


cherry said...

looks like lots of fun beautiful pictures. hugs, Cherry

Jane said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. VERY nice. The photos of Philly are wonderful. They brought back some wonderful memories of our 5 years "in exile" (up north).

When we moved to Philly, in 1979, one of the first things my hubby did was run up the stairs at the art museum...a la Rocky Balboa. Me...I was pregnant and waddled!

Have a great rest of the week...I'll be back for a visit, soon.
Jane (Artfully Graced)

ps Love Raider!!!


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